I’m celebrating reaching a significant annual revenue milestone in my business this year. I added up all the math and it looks like I have more than doubled over last year and reached a benchmark I didn’t think that I could ever achieve.
If it seems like I’m always celebrating something there’s a good reason for that.

The celebration is part of the process. It creates momentum. My friend Dana Corey taught me that if you don’t stop to celebrate the things, your brain doesn’t register it and you lose satisfaction because you’re always marching and never getting anywhere. You burn out and stop loving what you do and I really love what I do and I don’t want to stop.

Celebrating accomplishments leads to self-efficacy because you can think of things you’ve celebrated accomplishing and feel confident about being able to achieve another thing. Celebrating is leaving a bookmark in your favourite part of your favourite book. 

It also gives other people permission to celebrate their achievements, to take up space and feel proud instead of downplaying things. Pretty soon you’re in a community of people who win because it’s normal to announce that SOMETHING GREAT HAS HAPPENED.

This has been a truly devastating year and we are forced to confront dark things on a daily basis. These celebrations won’t make up for what we’ve lost, but I feel like we could all use a little more light to get through this next bit. So I’m going to unapologetically shine and glow because I am HAPPY tonight ❤️

Anyways, cheers to milestones, new goals and rays of light where we can find them. What are you celebrating? (Even if it’s putting on pants. Or not putting on pants if you’ve been putting on pants for too many days in a row.) 

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