Confession: I hate the sound of my own voice. I would love one day to have budget so someone else would transcribe my interviews and I didn’t have to listen to myself talk. It’s why I don’t do much video. It’s why I blog, truthfully, and why I avoid stuff like videoconferences and phone calls (JUST TEXT ME I PROMISE I WILL ANSWER) and this little page is how my voice is heard.

If a blog drops in the blogosphere and nobody reads it, does it make a sound? Blogging can be hard. Some days you write something and people are like HIGH FIVE PREACH SISTER and other days you’re like tap tap tapping the mic, IS THIS THING ON? I think blogging takes a lot of faith, to send your word babies out into the world and trust that someone will be there to receive them.

It’s a tremendous privilege to be heard. I get messages sometimes about blogs, I’ve been quoted on graphics, people tell me their stories. When the universe is aligned, it’s more conversation than monologue and it challenges me to see my world in a more cohesive way, in a way that makes sense, even when it doesn’t some times. It’s creation, but also translation and communication.

Sometimes you just have to say things out loud, even if there doesn’t seem to be anyone listening. You need to throw the rock out into the water, even if it might sink to the bottom without revealing a trail of ripples in its wake. We are a society that values productivity to such an extent that sometimes we forget the simple joy of doing something is enough.

I remember some man telling me during my online dating journey that I wasn’t a real writer and that I would never be as well compensated as someone who had a degree. He was clearly wrong and I don’t remember his name, but I feel like the work that I do means maybe one day someone will remember mine, and for the right reasons. I hope so anyways.

What do you do, just for the hell of it, because maybe it will matter?

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