Liam and I had the opportunity to go into Vancouver and celebrate WE Day with our good friends from UrbanMommies, 3 Chickens and a Boat and One Crazy Kid. It was such an incredible day. There were thousands upon thousands of kids there who had earned their admission by giving back in their community. 

The day was full of inspirational speeches, entertaining musicians and opportunities to learn about people and projects making a difference in the world. For a kid who wants to positively impact the world, it was a smorgasbord of ways to effect change. As a grown up, I loved watching Martin Sheen speak, also Silken Laumann, Hannah Alper, Leila Attar, Lisa Charleyboy and, as a major This Is Us fan, I loved seeing Lonnie Chavis. Sonreal and Grace Vanderwaal put on a great show and the crowd was pumped. Liam and I were dancing along and it was the most carefree we have felt in a long while. The day was the ultimate mommy-son bonding time and the energy was electric. There was singing and dancing and shouting. Hometown heroes Hedley closed the show on a high note.

It was a day of learning, celebrating and joy. Topics discussed included water quality in Africa, domestic violence, the opioid crisis, how zinc can save lives, body positivity, disability issues and many other important topics and how they are being addressed. 

It’s easy to watch the news and feel depressed about the things going on in the world. Spending the day in the presence of nearly 20,000 world changers helped restore my faith in humanity and gave me a sense that we are going to be okay. If that many young people care that deeply, the future is going to be bright. Learn how to earn your way into WE Day here

We went to the gift shop and got some coffee, tea and WE Families kits – one for us and one to give away. What’s inside? 

Make lasting family memories and make a difference in the world with the WE Families Kit! Inside you’ll find activities, inspiration and fun ME to WE products to enjoy and share with your family. Along the way, you’ll grow closer to each other, be more engaged in your community and raise more compassionate kids. Your kit includes:

  • various Rafiki bracelets
  • an I am WE Rafiki bracelet
  • an I am WE Minga bracelet
  • discussion cards
  • a notebook
  • an activity book
  • envelopes
  • greeting cards

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Disclosure: We were hosted to attend WE Day but purchased the prize for this giveaway personally to be a blessing to another family as we were blessed to be in attendance. 

Here are some of our photos from the day: 



  1. I would like to contribute to help people be kinder to each other.

  2. Jonathan Caldwell

    When I was in high school I was part of a group that started a peer mentoring program. I would just like to try and improve the world one person at a time.

  3. Cheryl MacPhail

    I would like to see more peace in the world 🙂

  4. Tiffany Sherwood

    I would like to see money go to small businesses and new creative industries where its not millions pouring into a business, it paying for little things like dance lessons and special nights out.

  5. Rebecca Tomchak

    I’d love the world to be a better place, wish everyone could look after one another

  6. Gillian Morgan

    I would eventually like to help rescue and find home for animals.

  7. Megan Willis

    I would love to make a difference for children in less fortunate countries!

  8. Ken Cross

    My change would be to help youth in the north with literacy so they can help make a better life for themselves.

  9. Maritess S

    I would love to teach empathy to the world so everybody would just care about each other and not have negativity around.

  10. Tainan Lu

    We keep recycling and reusing as long as we can.

  11. Well, curing cancer and ending wars around the world would be nice. But, we’ll start with just bringing smiles upon peoples faces with one kind gesture a day.

  12. Rosa Cross

    I like to volunteer for the local associations in my community.

  13. Silvia D

    We have a huge homeless problem all over the country, in our town it is also very obvious. I would love to help and find housing and support for them!

  14. I’d like to change the world by helping out people less fortunate than myself.

  15. I would like to use less trash — reduce, reuse, recycle!

  16. TJ Canete

    In addition to helping people oversees, we have to look at what’s happening at home. The problem of homelessness and food insecurity.

  17. Brandy Champion

    I would love to see less abuse of prescription pills

  18. Carolyn M


  19. I’d like to help alleviate hunger and poverty by learning more about effective altruism and through charity donations.

  20. Morgan Stewart

    I would love to volunteer in other countries and help build schools so that everyone can have assess to education!

  21. Aarone Mawdsley

    i would like to help make environmental change

  22. I’d like to find an affordable alternative source of energy for all.

  23. I wish the world would be a more caring place, with us taking care of each other not fighting as we seem to be doing now