2017 is soon to be put to bed, as I am want to be put to bed after a long day. It was a year of highs and lows, like so many before it. I’ve been spending some time in reflection about what I want 2018 to be. Here are my thoughts of what I want to do in the coming year:

More movement

We have a rec centre pass that we need to start using to get my sore body into the pool for some gentle movement. I am always happiest in water so I’m rather excited to be immersed more regularly. 

More connection

I want to spend more time with friends and get more of a social life happening. I’m trying to be more focussed in my work time to spend more time away from my desk living. I really want to come alive this year and find some joy in community. 

More Writing

I spend so much time writing for others that I rarely get the opportunity to write for me. That needs to change. I’m going to be spending more time writing on my own blog and connecting with you folks. 

More Travel

I want to go up and spend more time with my family in the Okanagan. I want to check off some destinations on my bucket list, like Sparkling Hill Resort, Hotel ZedTigh-Na-Mara and Salt Spring Island. My son really wants to check out the Royal Tyrrell Museum

More Healthy Choices

It seems rather cliche, but we want to make better food choices in 2018. I found when I was testing Back on the Bandwagon this year with Lindsay Gee of Hot Mama Fitness that my reflux was significantly less and I would love to get back to that. 

I am thankful for all the lessons that 2017 taught me and I’m looking forward to more growth in the coming year. Thanks for joining me in this adventure! 

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