I’m the girl who always needs a plan. I don’t wander. I strive purposefully. I have a direction, a goal and a reason. Rarely do I just take the time to “be.” 

This weekend I was a bit directionless, but in a good way. We went to Granville Island and picked up some art. We stopped in for coffee after and watched the ducks. We walked around with no intended destination. We took a foot passenger ferry on a whim. 

We didn’t really have a plan. We had a general destination in mind but we didn’t have a step by step concept as to how to get there. We were just two people in love on a day off enjoying each other’s company. 

I always feel best near water. When I’m by the ocean it’s like every cell in my body has been replaced with ones vibrant with oxygen. I feel alive. In those moments I realize how long it’s been since I truly felt alive and that I need to take more time for the man I love and the little dude and be more available to them. 

That’s my new goal: to be more directionless. I think one of my biggest problems is that I get wrapped up in how I think it should be and I miss out on things I don’t realize I want or need because I don’t leave enough space for life to happen. 

I need to leave more room for joy. I need to leave more room for finding out who I am and what I want out of life. How much of what we do is done by rote without thought as to if it’s what we want or just what we think is expected? How much better answers will we get if we take the time to ask the questions that really matter?

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