I am a Netflix binger. I am all too familiar with the highs and lows of a binge on a delicious new series. Lately, I’m bingeing on Heartland, but we have recently finished all of Shameless, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Where Calls The Heart, The Mindy Project and so many other amazing selections. It’s my constant companion while I work. It always goes the same way. 

Phase 1: A New Show Comes On My Radar

It’s shiny and exciting. I start to watch and I think “I can totally stop at any time. I’m fine. I have a healthy amount of curiosity about a new show.” 

Phase 2: I Get Sucked In

Healthy interest yields to obsession. I want to live in their world. I am fascinated with the characters. I am wrapped up in the story lines. When I’m not home, I’m thinking about how long it would be until I can watch it again. I wonder what I’m missing. FOMO envelops me. 

Phase 3: I Get Hopelessly Sucked In Like Cinematic Quicksand 

One minute its dinner, the next it’s three am. Just. One. More. Episode. My eyelids are heavy but it’s so good. In my mind the episodes are limitless. I am unaware of the passing of time. I am completely lost in another world. I have honorary citizenship in a brand new world and I never want to leave. 

Phase 4: I Ran Out Of Episodes and Nothing Will Ever Be Right Again

I am bereft. I was not emotionally prepared for this. How did we get here? Where did the time go? Why won’t my new friends come back to me? Was it something I said? When will they be back? It’s like I’ve been exiled from my new home. I am at a loss. What to do? How will I ever fill the void? 

I lie awake and wait for my next solution, something new to binge on, somewhere new to belong. I find it and then the cycle starts over once more. 

Disclaimer: I am a Netflix StreamTeam member which means they send me perks to share about my favourite picks with you. That being said: I would totally tell you anyways, but I do really appreciate the perks. 

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