It’s natural to seek solace in music when a relationship comes to an end. It’s a cathartic way to process your feelings, using the words of others who have been where you are and lived to sing about it. I thought I would put together a playlist of my own.

The essential breakup playlist

You can’t have a breakup without Taylor Swift. I don’t think it’s even legal. You have to listen to her at least once for it to be official. I love “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” – my son sings along in the car whenever it comes on.

I’m 32 years old which made me an angsty teen in the 90s. That’s why I think Alanis Morissette is also crucial to getting over someone. I  didn’t know what all the words meant when it first came out but I remember belting it out pretty passionately. You Oughta Know I love that song.

Some breakups are messier than others. Goodbye Earl is the one of the messiest breakup songs I’ve ever heard (since it features a murder). It also raises valuable awareness on domestic violence issues. I love the Dixie Chicks!

I really am a sucker for 90s angst, particularly Avril Lavigne. I saw her perform at a Blue Jays game once and she was awesome. She is my breakup BFF musically with My Happy Ending.

Pink is my favourite colour and P!nk is one of my favourite singers. I think Blow Me (One Last Kiss) is essential to the healing process, for when you need to tell someone what-for.

There are two sides to every story. If your side is that you caught him cheating and you’re feeling thirsty for property damage, I recommend Before He Cheats (and making sure there’s no video surveillance in his parking lot if you’re fully committed to that type of vengeance.)

I find Shut Up and Drive to be an incredibly empowering leave-it-all-behind pep talk. I tell lots of people to shut up when I’m driving, but usually in a different context (INSIDE VOICES PLEASE CHILDREN!)

Are you trying to tell us something, Allie?

My boyfriend and I are totally fine, but I did have a breakup of sorts recently. I broke up with pimples. My friends at Metrin Skincare helped me end a horrible relationship with combination skin and all the drama that comes with it.  They were like my favourite playlist, helping me through the process of starting a new life with fresh skin. Music, like a good skincare routine, is something you can rely on in hard times – and that’s something worth singing about. 

The folks at Metrin sponsored this post, but I wouldn’t promote them if I didn’t love them. After all, friends don’t let friends go back to bad boyfriends, or use skincare products that don’t work. And I’m an EXCELLENT friend. It’s why you love me. 

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