I met Tammy Dupuis in my quest for a hair removal place to call home. I have a tremor so I can’t really pluck my own eyebrows without risking poking myself in the eyeball with a set of tweezers so I really do require professional intervention. I am so thankful for Tammy and Kathryn who I see regularly at the Abbotsford location of Sugar’d. They are so sweet and supportive and I’m so grateful to get to spend time with them on a regular basis. Kindness makes such a difference and the ladies at Sugar’d are as sweet as their name suggests. I interviewed Tammy Dupuis about her work and what keeps her going. 
What do you love most about what you do?
I love the people! I have met so many amazing individuals and I feel lucky that they share their lives with me.
What do you find most challenging?
Time management – I am definitely a work in progress.
What would be your advice to a new entrepreneur in the beauty/wellness sphere? 
Don’t be afraid to ask for help. No entrepreneur is awesome at everything (accounting, advertising, web design etc.) Get a specialist where needed.
Is this what you always wanted to do or did you have another plan? 
I always loved the industry, just wasn’t sure what I wanted to specialize in. When I learned how to Sugar, I was working on an Air Force base.
What’s new and exciting in your business? 
We are expanding our Abbotsford location! In January we will be building a third room and adding more retail.
How do you take care of yourself while you’re busy taking care of everyone else? 
Ugh, what is that? Something else I definitely struggle with. I should eat better, exercise more and stay on top of massage for my shoulder……maybe 2018 will be better?
You’ve got a whole bunch of independent locations, did you go into this intending to franchise?
The idea that someone would love my business as much as me, believe in my product and my brand as much as I do? Didn’t even cross my mind! I absolutely love this little company we have built and couldn’t have done it without the support of these amazing women! I am truly blessed.
Tammy Dupuis and her franchisees at a corporate retreat posing together
Tammy Dupuis and her franchisees at a company retreat
What do you wish your customers and prospective customers knew? 
Sugar’d is a safe place…. our clients laugh, scream, cry and swear. After 12 years in business, NOTHING surprises us and we love and appreciate every single one of you.
What I love most about your brand is the way you honour inner beauty and confidence, I find it super refreshing in an industry that can sometimes play to the insecurity of potential customers to make a sale. What helps you stay true to your values in a competitive marketplace? 
We love helping our clients feel great! Our product speaks for itself and the relationships we build are truly what has made Sugar’d a success.
You’re stunning. What are the parts of your beauty routine that you swear by? 
You are too sweet! I would love to tell you about my routine, if I had one. I try to get enough sleep! I use Neutrogena moisturizer every day. I use the Anastasia brow pencil, Mary Kay mascara and eyeliner. Oh! and bronzer…. I never tan my face.
You can find Sugar’d on their website, on Facebook and Instagram

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