Lots of people are experiencing income interruptions due to COVID-19. I have been making my living exclusively online for the past three years and I know  a thing or two about this sort of thing. I thought I would put my experience to use to help people who have been unexpectedly thrust into the gig economy find their hopefully to some spare cash for rent, stocking up on food, meds, or making money when you have no childcare.

Don’t hesitate to put it out there to your network how you can be helpful. Tell people you want to work. Your mileage may vary, this comes with no warranties as to how amazing these are, these are just jumping off points. GOOD LUCK!

Here are some platforms that I have personally made money on: 

Fiverr – you can sell virtual assisting hours, research, social media graphics, brainstorming sessions, blogs, social media posts, graphic design, transcription, podcast show notes, anything you can think of.

Rev.com – transcription – no special equipment required. They also hire captioners and translators.

Problogger – writing job board

Etsy – digital products are okay, hand made goods etc

Here are some platforms I have no direct experience with but have heard good things: 


Clearvoice – I am signed up here but have not received any gigs.

VIPkid – teach English online. You need a degree for this one.

Rover – Pet sit, dog walk

Fiverr Pro: Everything you sell on Fiverr but at a higher level, for more money but you have to apply.

Creative Market – Open up a shop and sell digital art

Gumroad – sell digital products/videos

People Per Hour – online freelance job board

Care.com – elder care, childcare, tutoring, pet care, household help

Patreon – start a membership community

Society6, Zazzle, RedBubble, Teespring, CafePress – sell your art online

Stageit – perform music, magic, cooking any number of performance. Create an account and hit “become a performer” on the navigation bar.

On Demand Platforms Where You Have To Leave The House Mostly: 

TaskRabbit – deliver things, assemble furniture, clean, run errands

Askfortask – repairs, cleaning, moving etc


Skip the Dishes


Uber Eats



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