How many times have you sent your partner to the store and left something off the list? How often have you arrived at the store and were unsure if you had enough milk left in the fridge for morning coffee? Have you faced the challenge of trying to line up everyone in the house’s schedule? Do you lose track of when leftovers should be tossed or when the condiments are going to expire until you go to use them and they are bad?

We all have. It’s not your fault, really. Blame the fridge. It could be smarter.

BC Hydro is running a contest to give away a Samsung Smart Fridge with Family Hub technology. IT IS SO COOL. YOU NEED IT! Ok, well, it would make your life better. It’s like living in the Jetson’s house.

Just imagine! You can use the interior cameras to check your fridge to see if you have milk or if, like happens in my house, someone drank it all immediately after you made the grocery list. You can sync schedules. You can mirror what’s on television on the fridge so you can keep watching your show while you cook. It will display photos for you, stores recipes, and keeps an inventory of everything inside and when it’s going to go bad so you can throw it out before it starts looking like a science experiment. It’s like the personal assistant you wish you had that also keeps your food cold and tells your family where they should be.

You could even play good cop, bad cop with the fridge. I understand y’all are disappointed we all have to go to the dentist today, but to be fair, the fridge is the one who told you to. I’m just the messenger.  

We leave messages for each other on sticky notes on the fridge. I have a square of sticky notes of affirmations about my awesome boyfriend and all the things I love about him. I have a little whiteboard that contains a mostly illegible meal plan. The Family Hub has digital solutions that can replace these manual systems and so much more!

Current fridge status – could be smarter!

Check out this cool video:

Enter to win this super cool piece of kitchen technology at What feature do you find most exciting?


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by BC Hydro, but all fridge related enthusiasm is mine!