“Home” is a concept that really evolves over time. For the most part as a kid, we lived in houses or basement suites. In my adult life, I have mostly lived in condos and that’s been okay. Part of me kind of misses the magic of an old house.

When I was growing up we once lived in a pretty little house that had beautiful hardwood floors, coved ceilings, and even a water closet. I didn’t even know what a water closet was until we moved in there and to me as a child, it was something magical, like Narnia. We also had a crawl space that was like a secret passageway between the stairwell and my walk-in closet. It was an amazing older house.

Now we live in a condo and we have carpet that has seen better days. Black cat, cream carpet is not a great combo and I don’t love lugging out the vacuum. I miss hardwood floors – they just feel like the magic of simpler times, uncomplicated by the likes, shares, and algorithms of modern times. And as an asthmatic, it’s just easier to sweep things up than be constantly vacuuming. One day, I would love to rip out the carpets and put down some hardwood….

From my “office” (see also, the desk next to the television in the living room) I look out on the landscaping of the garden and see the tall trees across the street. It’s almost forest-like and if it weren’t for the giant rezoning proposal signage on the neighbour’s lawn I could almost feel like I’m typing in a forest glen, at risk of being interrupted by pixies.

As I’m looking at the blinds, they are pretty basic, white miniblinds; they get bathed in the bathtub when they start looking dusty but I’ve seen some pretty cool blinds I didn’t even know existed in some online articles. I had no idea they now had cordless, motorized and automatic smart blinds. What a time to be alive, hey? I would really love fancier window coverings one day.

One day…. Working from home I’m so influenced by my environment. Having a beautiful, clean place to work feels great. It’s motivating. It adds to that “boss” energy to be in a space you truly love. I mean, I love where we are, it’s not huge but it feels like home.

I’m grateful we found it because it’s so much bigger than the newer places on the market. It’s ground level so I can step out and walk down the hill to the weekend farmer’s market, coffee shops, board game cafe or to the postal outlet. I love the convenience and it’s pretty much perfect for us. That said, I would be lying if I said there weren’t things I would love to upgrade to make it even better. What would you change about your home if you could?

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