The world lost a bright light today. She moved in beauty, love and light and left those fortunate enough to be even on the outer edges of her circles in awe.

This is what I learned from her:

Believe in the dreams of other people, even when they struggle to believe in those dreams themselves. Wrap them in your love and nurture that faint spark until it can burn on its own and smile knowingly when it all starts to glow.

Give all the fucks and none of the fucks with no apology. Love on your people and leave no time for those who can’t accept that there is a place for magic and strength and softness and that none of that is contradictory. Do not clothe yourself with the mantle of the expectations of others, wear whatever you want and rock it. Develop your own style and let it shine. Be exquisite. Be magical. Be whatever the hell you are and delight in it. Make your own damn sunshine and don’t wait for the world to deliver it to you.

Find the happy where you are and if you can’t, for goodness sakes, CHANGE IT. Don’t be enslaved by what is expected of you, free yourself from the life they think you should have and live your truth. You are not responsible for making them understand, that is not your burden.

Be authentic and honest. The world thirsts for something Beautiful Real. Even if they don’t stop to drink at least they will remember you were you and you can sleep at night knowing you were exactly who you intended to be and did not diminish yourself for the comfort of the insecure, the narrow minded and the petty.

That is how to be remembered. At least, that is how I will remember her. Love and light always.

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