January seems like the most unlikely month to find happiness. Traditionally, January’s domain has been that of carrot sticks and credit card bills – so much ugh and not enough awww. Also, carrots give me the hiccups. I don’t know why. I have been on the hunt for happy and honestly, it seems overwhelming some days. I mean, happiness seems like a really big goal and it can feel impossible to break down into actionable steps. It also feels kind of pass/fail, you know? It seems more like a destination than a journey but it’s not really clear how I will know if I’m there yet. Thankfully, I have some pretty wise friends that had some good advice on how to find happiness in January. 

The Idea To Make January Happier

My friend Susanne Kerns (who I trust with many of my life’s dilemma’s like how to store lego, for example) shared this great calendar from Action for Happiness that are simple, do-able steps to help you find your happy. Check it out! 

How To Find Happiness in January

What I love is the simplicity of the steps. I think the hunt for happy shouldn’t be so arduous. I love that the focus is divided between outward and inward connection – too much introspection is a recipe for a crick in the neck from staring at your belly button too long. I like that a little bit of effort every day can go a long way and I really want to see what it might do for me. I really want to approach life with more intention this year and this seems like a good way to start.

So maybe it is possible to find happiness in January, even amidst the carrot sticks and the credit card bills. However you decide to approach it, I hope you find happiness (or at least don’t find yourself hiccuping after eating too many carrot sticks.) Cheers to a happier 2018! 



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