I’ve always believed the adage ‘less is more’, but you would never be able to tell that from the state of my home. We hover somewhere in the midline between Hoarders and stark minimalism. Basically it’s clean, there’s a path for fire exits, everything is sanitary, but don’t ask me where the cheese grater is. I don’t know. That’s why they make pre-grated cheese in bags. It’s for people like me who can’t find the cheese grater and wish their family would stop asking about it. Also, let’s face it, if it’s my kid looking, it’s probably directly in front of his face.


My kid can’t find anything in his room either, which is how this all started. We used to have an over the door organizer in his room that wasn’t the best fit for the job. Best fit is so important. My first job was at a bakery and I drew smily faces on cookies. I was really terrible at it. I am now a data analyst. I’m glad my smily face cookie shortcomings did not deter folks for trusting me to wrangle pivot tables. It turns out Liam’s old organizer was bad at holding lego but GREAT at holding spices. So we moved it over there, pulled everything out of the cupboards, threw out anything expired, damaged or otherwise suspect. I so love my new pantry. I want to put paprika on EVERYTHING because I can find the paprika now. The pantry was a breeze, but I was a bit worried about how my son’s room was going to go.


Recently, I won a contest on my friend SmashleyAshley‘s site and the prize was a thing-a-ma-jig called a Ganizer. I was skeptical, but it’s actually super cool. In my son’s room, we had the now-my-pantry-organizer and a cubby system for toys. With all the stuff we were able to move from the cubbies to the Ganizer, the cubbies are now extra clothing storage and my son can find his socks again. Well, my son should be able to find his own socks again.


Socks aren’t the only things he can find now. The Ganizer is deep enough to store his lego, tiny cars and action figure army. The great thing about that is that theoretically I won’t find these things on the floor any more. I love anything that will reduce my chances of stepping on Lego. I feel like I have room to breathe (and vacuum, and y’all know I love to vacuum).


We made enough room clearing out the cupboards that we were able to empty an ugly, slightly damaged flat-pack wardrobe in my dining room we were using for storage. My cats were delighted and are using it as their new indoor play place until I can get the thing to the dump. They are acting like I bought them their own condo building so they pretty much worship me. Maybe now they will stop stepping on my head when I sleep. We also found the cheese grater…actually, two *awkward* and did I mention paprika on everything? Anyways, that’s how you find the cheese grater and win over your cat … with a Ganizer.


Disclosure: I received this produce free of charge because I won it in a contest. The nice folks at Ganizer had no idea I was going to do this and probably never imagined their product would help me make friends with my cat or find the cheese grater. This piece was not paid, and as such is a community service to any of my readers who: 
  1. Have ever stepped on Lego, tiny cars or plastic army people
  2. Can’t find the cheese grater
  3. Have cats that don’t like them but could potentially be won over with cupboard space
  4. Like paprika


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  1. My cats are always thrilled when I allow them new places to explore..

    You know, I was actually kinda glad you found that grater.. what does that say about my Monday? 🙂