I have been trying to eat healthier because it makes my body feel good. I just feel better when I’m nourished well. Eating more veggies can feel like a chore or like a really big goal, but if you break it down, it’s really achievable. Here are some ideas as to how to get more vegetables into your diet:

  1. Start small. Pick a meal to add more veggies to and work your way up. My friends at Healthy Habits Happy Moms have some great tips to achieve new habit changes on their podcast. Changing one thing at a time and incrementally increasing the frequency of the habit is a great way to make changes in a sustainable way. That’s what Annie, Lauren and Jen taught me and they are very smart ladies. They also taught me about prepping 🙂
  2. Plan ahead. Pre-cut veggies for snacks or prep a big salad in the fridge. Roast a big batch of veggies you can reheat over the next couple days. It’s easy to make good choices when making good choices is easy. If you don’t have to think about it, it’s easier to be consistent. I like to keep plastic containers of veggies that are easy to grab and go. It’s also handy to just load up a veggie tray and pull it out for snacks and put it back when you’re done. I like to put my healthy choices on autopilot whenever possible.
  3. Pick stuff you love. Getting more veggies into your diet is easier when you eat the veggies you like and prepare them in a way that you enjoy. Like if I had to eat more veggies by eating radishes, I wouldn’t be able to follow through. Blech. I really don’t like radishes. I love pretty much everything else. Except brussell sprouts. I really dislike brussell sprouts also. But by picking veggies I enjoy, it’s less of a chore to eat more veggies and more of a culinary celebration.  
  4. Have tools that make prep easier. We got this amazing wok from Breville, it’s called The Hot Wok and it makes making stirfries a breeze. I LOVE stirfries and Asian inspired cuisine. My boyfriend likes the Hot Wok because it’s easy to clean up, it’s easy to do it exactly the way you want it because it has 15 settings and we can easily make double and triple batches with its 6 qt capacity. It’s got 1500 watts of power so it makes cooking dinner so much faster. It gets up to 425 degrees and the aluminum walls keeps it hot so everything comes out nice and crispy. The adjustable steam vent on the glass lid helps you keep things as moist as you like and it let’s you keep an eye on things as they simmer.  It’s also really pretty on my counter! The right tools can make all the difference.

We love how the Breville Hot Wok has made getting more vegetables into our diet easier and delicious. The non-stick bowl is dishwasher safe and is easy to wipe down – cleaning up after eating healthy can be easy pea-sy (pardon the pun!) Try it for yourself and let me know how getting your veggies in goes!

We usually improvise our meals with whatever we have in the fridge, because it’s a great way to reduce food waste, increase variety in flavours and makes sure we aren’t eating the same thing all the time. It’s always an adventure. Here are some shots of a meal we made with our Breville Hot Wok and it turned out delicious.

Disclosure: The nice folks at Breville sent us a Hot Wok to try, but all opinions are my own. We really love this wok and opening it up was like Christmas morning. We have eaten a lot of yummy healthy meals in it and I genuinely think you would find it helpful in your kitchen.


  1. My goodness that looks delicious! I have a wok and it’s not dishwasher safe and it’s about the only thing that holds me back from using it more. Ugggg this one by Breville is incredible!