How To Party Like It's Your Birthday (At The Gym) A Giveaway

My friends at GoodLife Fitness are having a party! Actually they are having TWO! How cool is that?  They are hosting a ParticipACTION Open House and are giving Canadians access to all clubs across the country for free. From November 22-30 you can activate a 7 day pass and check it out for yourself.

The second party is the opening of their new club in Prince George, British Columbia which officially opens on December 1, 2015! If you want to check out the new location (and I think you will!) it’s at 120-3030 Recplace Drive, Prince George, BC. To celebrate, they gave me a one month pass to giveaway to my readers! HOORAY! I know we all love prizes! You can enter at the end of this post.

When I get invited to a party, I love when the host gives me all the information I need to know like: street park around back or BYOB or “this is an elaborately themed 1930s party so dress up and wear shoes you can dance in.” Armed with that information, I show up dressed appropriately, with the right things, and know where to park my car. All I have to do is show up and have fun!

GoodLife Fitness is a pretty awesome host, so Kim Lavender, National Director of Team Training took some time to give me some information so we can all make the most of the Open House and most importantly, have lots of fun getting active!

What is your advice to someone who is new to fitness just starting out? 

3 things immediately pop into mind:   Pace, Preference and Empower.

Pace- Ease yourself into a regular routine, start with 2 times a week and work up to 3-4.

Preference- Choose something you enjoy, if it is fun and pleasurable you are more likely to want to repeat the activity.

Empower- Be eager to learn, enjoy taking control of your health and exercise and celebrate your CHOICE for getting active and feel your confidence soar!

What kind of things should you consider when hiring a personal trainer?

Rapport is paramount; you must feel comfortable with your personal trainer.  A great trainer is eager to learn all about you, your needs, goals and timeframe in which you are hoping to achieve them.  A great trainer is realistic and customized in their approach to programming.  Well prepared, and great listening skills to be able to coach you to your success.  A great trainer will ensure you are looking forward to your workouts not afraid or intimidated.  A great trainer will also help you improve and align your behaviours outside of the gym that contribute to your success. Look for trainers who are educated and canfitpro certified to discover where you are at in terms of readiness to change and program accordingly.  Ensure the trainer is focused on what YOU need not how they like to train, you want to stimulate the body and mind not annihilate.  You know you have the right trainer when you are excited to workout, empowered to make great choices even when they are not around.

What are some ways to get active as a family outside the gym? 

There are some great sports like golf, tennis, skiing, and soccer that a family can play together.  The other option that I fully appreciate is simply to actually play!   Like tag, hikes,  hide and seek – remember: every little bit counts.  Sit less – move more.  Have fun!

What are some ways to stay motivated? 

  • Celebrate the mini victories, we often set massive goals that will realistically take quite some time to achieve, ensure you recognize the little achievements along the way that are accumulating for your ultimate goal.
  • Keep a log of these wins.
  • Accept that there will be days when you are not feeling your best, ensure those moments trigger a reminder of how great you will feel on the other side of the workout.  Something is better than nothing.
  • Keep your goals top of mind by placing them where you will see them – like notes on your bathroom  mirror, or reminders in your work calendar. Set your intentions to keep going first thing in the morning and end the day reflecting on the amazing efforts you made today no matter how small.

Parenting can be really busy. What are some ways to find time to stay active and make the most of that time? 

  • Schedule it, if your kids play sports, make plans with other parents to workout while kids are at practice.
  • Insert bits of fitness throughout your day, 5 minutes a few times a day can really add up.  Simple things like taking the stairs, parking further away, taking stretch and mobility breaks at your desk, take a meeting for a walk, or taking a break on a treadmill at the gym.

What is the best way to encourage kids to stay moving? 

  • Ensure they are having fun, understand and recognize how good it feels when they take care of themselves, educate them on both activity and great eating habits.
  • Limit screen time, and recognize them for taking charge of their health,
  • Put as much emphasis on fitness and healthy active living as you do for little league, create a quest for the “new NHL” – a Nutritionally Healthy (and Active) Life  ;)

There you have it, everything you need to know. Bring your own bottle (of water! But you can refill it, because FOUNTAINS). No elaborate thirties inspired wardrobe required. Leave your worries in the car, wherever you decide to park it. Get started with your seven day pass and join the Participaction Open House today. If you’re in Prince George, check out the new club. Wherever you are that GoodLife Fitness serves, enter to win a one month pass below and tell me all about it!

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“This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own”


  1. It is so hard to motivate myself, but Alivia is pretty good at helping me! 🙂