I am totally in love with The Princess Bride. It’s one of my favourite movies in the history of ever. I got to thinking it is a pretty insightful movie from a parenting perspective.

Family loyalty

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Even when it feels like they throw you under the bus at the most inopportune moments, loyalty and cohesion is one of the amazing benefits of parenting. My son says when someone says something mean about me “it’s like someone telling you your favourite song is stupid.” He throws down for his mama, and I do the same for him. I’m just less likely to call the offending party a “stupid head” because I’m a writer who likes synonyms and diplomacy.

Critical thinking required

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I’m the mom of the kid who tried to bedtime avoid by requesting more spaghetti squash. Another night, he couldn’t sleep because he didn’t have enough meat on his bones and he wasn’t sure where his ribcage connects. Parenting requires you to think things through to spot manipulation and traps.

Allowances are a hot topic

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To offer an allowance or not to offer an allowance? This is the question. My son is 7 and we haven’t gotten there yet. Growing up we had a “job jar” and could earn money by helping out around the house.  I’m considering implementing this program in my house.

It’s expensive

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People are always trying to sell us stuff. Ads on tv, glossy magazines, and radio commercials want to convince you that you need fancy wipe warmers and 10 billion thread count swaddling blankets to ensure your child’s emotional wellbeing. Some are less effective than others. When we bought our son’s infant seat, there were no less than a hundred safety features listed. His booster seat boasted … a cup holder. Seriously? Are you even trying?

It can be painful

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Small children with recorders. Christmas concerts that rival Lord of The Rings movies in length and pace.  School projects disclosed at the last possible moment. Misplaced field trip forms. Back to school shopping. Tantrums in public settings. Advice from well-intentioned strangers. Parenting comes with some painful parts.

Endless parrotting

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In our house, that word is “literally”. I will “literally” be the happiest woman in the entire world if I never hear that word ever again. It is used so much it “literally” has no meaning. Please. Make. It. Stop.

The biggest way parenting is just like Princess Bride becomes most obvious at bed time. I tuck in my little person and he says “Cuddle up, Butter Cup!” He knows mommy is a princess, which makes him my favourite kid in the history of ever and like the movie, Princess Bride, I’m so in love with him.

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  1. Ah yes, critical thinking become extremely necessary in this house at bedtime. The stall tactics are many between the two of them.

  2. My favourite family movie all of my boys loved it and still do. Even the ones in early adulthood…