There’s nothing like Christmas to remind you how many people are involved in your child’s life that you positively could not manage without. In selecting the most appropriate gifts to show my gratitude, I’m overwhelmed by the love and care we are provided over the course of the year.

My daycare provider and her staff are true blessings. They are my eyes and ears and know in vivid detail about all my child’s experiences . They share those details to help me manage problematic behaviours and work with him to troubleshoot social challenges. They keep him safe so that I never have to worry and I can focus on my work.

My son’s teacher is a dream. She writes me encouraging emails about funny things my son has said during the day so I don’t miss out on important, heartwarming moments. She wrote really nice things about how much she enjoys being his teacher. His confidence is soaring. He is learning to regulate his feelings. She advocates for him to get all the support he needs. I know my son is in good hands. He’s also got a wonderful learning assistance teacher and a cultural support worker. They are a great team who assist him in reaching his academic goals.

Our neighbours are pretty awesome too. The lady across the hall left a big tin of playdoh for my son on our doorstep one night when we were out grocery shopping. She has offered to babysit whenever we like. Our next door neighbour has a very friendly dog and he lets my son play with the dog and sometimes he plays with both of them together.

This week I was sick with the flu. His father, my mom and sisters took turns helping out with him so I could recover. I was in no shape to look after anyone (not even myself), which is why I was so grateful my boyfriend took such good care of me. His buddy’s mom helped me out one time when I was sick too. I hate having to ask for help, but I’m thankful to have it available when I need it. My son has so much family to depend on, people who love him and want to see him succeed.

I am so grateful to have so many people to buy gifts for to say thank you. Shopping for all these wonderful people has me thinking of all the gifts I already have in the folks who surround my little family. Material things I can live without, but these people I definitely could not. Tis the season… to be thankful.

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