It seems like these days there is an app for everything—well, almost everything. Technology makes our lives better in new and exciting ways. There are some things I think would enhance my life considerably if implemented on my smartphone;



I need a recipe app that will include only recipes with a high likelihood of consumption by my small human. I want to be able to enter what’s in my fridge, what my kid will and won’t eat and have it spit out a recipe he won’t spit out. Basically, I need epicurious but for the small and irrational.


Usually my phone is glued to my hand or plugged into the wall so I don’t really need help finding it. What I really need is something that will help me find my kid’s socks so we can leave already. I don’t know where they go, but I think they are conspiring with my bobby pins to make me lose my sanity.  If there were a movie about our lives it would be “Barefoot In British Columbia.” I can hardly wait for Flip Flop Season.


“What’s that smell?” is a common question if you are raising a boy. What I need is an app that will tell me what the offending odour is and where it might be coming from. You know, the same way it gives me the bad news that the song I’ve been rocking out to is actually by Justin Bieber.


I would pay anything for my kid to take a nap some days. I want to be able to pick between something short and sweet or long and luxurious. I need a nap for any mood I might be in. I just want it to bill my credit card and let me play the nap of my choice whenever I feel like it.


My vocabulary would improve significantly if a quiet trip to the grocery store with no kidwas on the line. G-E-T-M-E-O-U-T-O-F-H-E-R-E is probably not on their acceptable word list, but you know I’m going to suggest it for addition. Forget exchanging tiles, I want to swap myself out for a responsible adult so I can have a little break on a Friday night.

Relief of my mommy woes is not yet available with the push of a button, but I’m thankful through love and laughter, my family has “synced.” These are the years that will fill my “memory” and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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