When I was a kid, I had chronic ear infections. I would later learn that this is a common thing for people with the joint condition I have, but at the time, I was very scared I would need surgery to get tubes put in. The surgery happened at Children’s and they took really good care of me. I had rootbeer popsicles. It was fabulous as far as post-surgical childhood indulgences go.

Later, I was 15. I was anorexic and bulimic and unwell. I needed to get help and I again found myself at Children’s Hospital, looking to feel better. I went to their day treatment program for eating disorders for three months. I was under the care of a psychiatrist, psychologist, pediatrician, social worker, art therapist and  some awesome nurses. I worked my way through treatment with their support until I was discharged to go live life as a healthier, happier me.

Later, as a mom on Christmas Eve, my little boy struggled to breathe. He had been through bouts of bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma. We were at my mom’s and he was really unwell. I knew just where to take him. They had a good look at him and took really good care of him. He even got a Mrs. Potato Head toy from Santa who just happened to be in the neighbourhood.

That’s why when I was asked to be an ambassador for Jeans Day for BC Children’s Hospital, the answer was a resounding YES. I would not have the quality of life I have now if it weren’t for the fine folks at BC Children’s Hospital. If you know me well, you know that I love working from home because I can do so in pjs and stretchy pants. Jeans are pretty fancy for my home office dress code. But May 3 I will be wearing mine proudly, and I hope you will too!

When you buy a button or a pin you’re helping someone like me when I was little with sore ears and me when I was a little older with a pretty sore everything inside my heart and mind and moms like me to know their kids are getting everything possible to feel better. You’re also funding much needed medical equipment, research and education. I did a tour of their new facility this week as part of the Behind the Stethoscope event and was blown away by how intentional they are about creating experiences for kids who need help.

More compelling than my own story is that of their 2018 Champion child, Colton Hasebe. Listen to his story here:

I listened to these kind folks and Colton himself talk about what BC Children’s Hospital means to them and I was completely overwhelmed. I am so glad they found solace and healing in this very special place. I totally cried (so if you did too, tissue fist bump of solidarity.) BCCHF is doing great things. So  Let’s #JeanUp for Kids May 3.

They are also hosting a BBQ downtown Vancouver on May 3 hosted by Truffles Fine Foods and Foodora. I will be there with my boyfriend, I hope I will see you there too! Just watch for us – we will be in jeans 😉 Learn more about how you can get involved with Jeans Day.  Get answers to other burning questions here  and go grab a button or a pin!

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