We were recently invited to participate in Rocky Mountain Flatbread‘s Kid’s Chef Party event. I’ve been wanting to check out Rocky Mountain Flatbread after I saw how many times it had been featured as a top kid-friendly restaurant. My son loves helping out in the kitchen and he loves doing art so when he heard he would get to make his own pizza, Shirley Temple and ice cream as well as make his own chef hat he was completely sold. When I let him know there would also be brownies he was over the moon. I can’t say that I blamed him. What I wouldn’t give to be a little kid at a Rocky Mountain Flatbread chef’s party!

It turned out it was just as good as he imagined – if not better. He had so much fun hanging out with my blogger friend’s kids. He loved getting to make his own food – as an avid watcher of the Food Network it made him feel very fancy and grown up. The good news is you don’t have to be a blogger’s kid to enjoy a party this cool. Rocky Mountain Flatbread has party packages available and you can book your own. (SPOILER: At the end of this post you can actually enter to win your own.)


Every child loves to be a chef!

Your personal party host will guide young chefs in creating their own juice cocktail, rolling out their flatbread dough & adding their favorite toppings & creating their own home made ice cream. Leave the mess to us and enjoy the celebrations! Perfect for all young foodies.

What Is Included:

Get creative colouring your very own chef hat 

Cocktail making with fresh juice

Pizza making fun (roll out the dough & add your favourite toppings)

Ice cream making from scratch with organic cream, raw sugar & vanilla

Platters of warm double chocolate brownies – plus a birthday candle! Or serve your own nut free birthday cake.

All for just $20 p.p. plus tax

Our Main Street Restaurant takes parties up to 15 people (adults & kids) -Bookings 10 am & 2.30 pm daily.

Our Kitsilano location takes parties up to 15 kids & 15 adults. -Bookings 10 am & 2 pm daily. When over five adults attend the party we do have a surcharge of $15 for EACH adult plus tax. We serve a buffet for the adults including a drink, two slices of artisan pizza & organic salads to share.

To Book Your Party E Mail: info@rockymountainflatbread.ca


OR enter to win yours right here: 

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Disclaimer: The nice folks at Rocky Mountain Flatbread hosted us at this party at no cost to us, but we wouldn’t have asked to participate in this giveaway if we hadn’t had so much fun we wanted to tell you all about it. Also, we are planning on coming back many more times at our own cost because we had so much fun. It was truly an awesome event and I’m so grateful we were included. 

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