We were on vacation in the Okanagan recently visiting my mom and my sisters and we decided to go to the Kangaroo Creek Farm. I have wanted to go there since my friend Kelly of Raincity Parent posted pictures of her own trip on Facebook. I have also been entirely enamoured with capybaras since I was in elementary school and I heard they had capys there. I was so excited! If you don’t know what a capybara is, it’s basically a one hundred pound guinea pig. 

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When we came upon the property and over to the capybara enclosure, we were greeted by a nice lady who explained all the rules. “We have a no running rule,” she explained. This sounded excellent to me, as I, too, have a no running rule. I am like Rebel Wilson like that. This is me, on the subject of running: 

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I could tell we were kindred spirits right away. I was so excited about meeting the capys I basically blurted all the facts I knew about them and she didn’t look at me like that kid from Jerry Maguire. You know? 

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That was me, spouting capybara facts about how Catholics are allowed to eat them on Fridays because they convinced the Pope they are seafood and oh my goodness I hope she doesn’t think I’m going to eat one and it isn’t Friday anyways but I suppose they eat them other days of the week also? Anyways, finally, I got to meet capybaras. I sat among them like Jane Goodall among her apes, but I probably had less leg hair than she did (not that it’s a competition.) Also, clearly I lacked many decades of expertise that she possessed. BUT I WAS SO EXCITED. 

My friend who does not believe in running (at least not in the enclosure) informed me that ALL of their animals poop, looking at the ground on which I sat. I caught her drift. “That’s ok, I’m a boy mom, I am impervious to gross.” So she gave me some corn  husk to feed the capys as I happily sat in likely rodent poop. A man came by and wanted to pet them too, and he exclaimed that they are giant rats and I said, “I think they prefer Rodent Canadians.” He laughed, maybe out of politeness. 

Later, I met some exotic birds, and I went to look at baby joeys who were quite adorable. We went to another pen and met bigger kangaroos who I was allowed to feed after being told again not to run. I must look like a runner. Or they say that to everyone – more likely. We came upon a kangaroo who we were trying to feed who had no interest in being fed but seemed quite focussed. Very focussed. We later realized he/she was trying to poop and from one parent to another I can relate to that feeling of trying to go to the bathroom and everyone bugging you even if they are trying to be helpful. 

We had so much fun and I definitely want to go back. Basically, I now want to run away from home and becoming a professional capybara portrait photographer. Here are some photos I took of my time at the Kangaroo Creek Farm:





  1. Gosh this is adorable and your love for the capy’s is amazing.

    • alliespins

      I so love them. I am a giant nerd!