We don’t eat out often but it felt like a day to celebrate. My hard work was paying off and I decided to let my family pick where we would go for dinner. Of course, the boys chose the local steak house—they are big meat eaters and like to be fancy every once and a while. The nice thing about taking my kidlet anywhere is you get dinner AND a show every time, and tonight did not disappoint in that regard.

We were seated at the table and my son decided he was far too grown up for the kids’ menu; only the adult menu would do. He sat at the table, reviewing his options, confiding “I’m completely bloodthirsty by now!” When the waitress returned, he confidently told her “I think we are just about ready to order.” It sounded so grown up coming from his little mouth.

When dinner finally arrived, he was gleeful at the prospect of bbq ribs, chewing it eagerly like a wild animal cleaning off bones. We discussed what super powers we would want if we could have any power and he decided he wanted to make steak out of thin air. My boyfriend wanted the ability to heal and I wanted the ability to sleep at night without delay.

He finished up his dinner in short order and requested dessert. The dessert spoons were brought out while we waited eagerly for something sweet. It turns out cutlery makes for a good toy. My son peered into his dessert spoon and exclaimed, “HELLO FUTURE ME WHO IS UPSIDE DOWN AND HAS A REALLY BIG FACE!” It was so hard not to giggle. Our server could hardly contain herself. She was totally enthralled with his one-man show at the table.

He completely fell in love with creme brûlée and insisted on bringing home the leftover bones so that he could suck on them later (?) which we indulged because there didn’t seem to be any harm. He was positively giddy for the night out and all the attention, hamming it up for the camera and insisting we take videos of his antics.

There wasn’t really a significant occasion but with my boys at the table, it felt like a special day. I don’t know if we will ever get our super powers we hope for, but I feel like I’m already raising a super kid—even if he has a weird thing for bones.

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