I’m not much of a cook, so I love easy food ideas that I can create on the fly with whatever I happen to have on hand. Over the holidays, our family spent some time in the kitchen together coming up with a new food creation using leftovers and some meatballs we got from M & M Food Market

I break down the food groups a little differently than most people. Fruit, Veggies, Comfort carbs (including stuffing), Bacon, Not Bacon, and Chocolate. I am always trying to find different things I can do with stuffing and bacon. I consider them to be the duct tape of the culinary world. They are pretty difficult to mess up and I am pretty creative in the ways I have messed things up historically. Our friends used to have an annual bacon potluck where we all made something that included bacon and it was the most fun ever. I take hot mess to a whole new level most of the time. 

One of the dishes I’m best known for are my stuffing waffles. I take stuffing, add a little egg to it, throw it on the heart-shaped waffle iron and voila, stuffing waffles! I add left over turkey or chicken, gravy, an egg, bacon and it’s the perfect leftover breakfast. I wanted to move beyond the stuffing waffle this year. 

We went to M & M Food Market and got a box of turkey meatballs. We rolled them in stuffing and then wrapped them in bacon and baked them until cooked through. They were so delicious. I love M & M because it’s so easy to find what I need, the staff know what they are talking about and the instructions are never above my culinary reading level. 

Our turkey meatball creation pictured with gooey cheese sticks

I think most things can be improved by adding stuffing and bacon and M & M’s turkey meatballs did not disappoint. We will definitely make them for future parties and I’m looking forward to enjoying them again. They are warm and moist on the inside, crispy bacon-y on the outside with a cuddle of hot stuffing in between. As a mom, I’m aways down for a cuddle, especially stuffing cuddles.

Disclosure: The nice folks at M & M gave us the turkey meatballs that became this delicious creation. That being said, I would never steer you wrong about something I add bacon and stuffing to. Check them out online, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  They also generously sponsored my holiday gift guide

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