As part of our new We’ve Got Mail feature, I have for you a Board Game Bento review. This feature was born because my son wanted to help me with the blog and contribute. We worked together as a family and this is the first in the series. I hope you enjoy as much as we did putting it together. 

We were recently looking for a way to spend family time together and my googling fingers found Board Game Bento. So often folks in our family (myself included) get sucked into screens and technology. We lose the simple joy of connecting and spending time together. What my son wants most is time with us (quality time) and for us to play with him. We all need to laugh more, play more and have more fun together. I reached out to the nice folks at Board Game Bento and they were kind enough to send us a box to review. 

If you haven’t heard of it before, Board Game Bento is a subscription service that sends you $80 worth of boardgames and accessories every month for $50 plus shipping and handling. 

This is what we got! 

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Emotional IQ

Emotional IQ made you think about how emotions must look to someone else, in order to figure out how best to relay it. You had to take a sentence and read it while conveying a specific emotion and others had to guess what it was. It was a great bonding experience and there was a lot of laughter. It created a non-judgemental environment to talk about feelings and explore them. Watching my son play was really funny. A lot of my son’s feelings looked confused or constipated and one feeling sounded like a sportscaster/infomercial host. I’m not sure what it was about but it was an instant family favourite. 


My son totally loved this dice game. He took great pride in learning how to play it and teaching us, coaching me through strategy and he enjoyed being the resident expert. Liam loved it because he loves math so much – not that it was math intensive but it involved numeracy. You had to stack dice based on their value until you “busted.” When I did, my demise was met with great glee. 

Loud About 

This one didn’t go over as well, we played it with a group of five kids and they couldn’t quite get the hang of it. It’s a game of action memory where you act out and shout out actions and words faster than your opponents. We will likely explore again as a smaller group in a quieter setting. 

Deer Lord

This is a party game where you get to be sneaky, act strange and manipulate the group. My family is a bunch of theatre nerds so this sort of thing is right up their alley. They are pretty ridiculous and like being the centre of attention so this is their jam. 

Also included in the box were invitations printed and ready to go to invite your friends. I’m not normally organized enough to coordinate that sort of thing so I thought it was a very thoughtful. 

We broke our Board Game Bento out at our open house and it was a big hit, and we played a couple of the games on our own after the fact. I think the price point provides good value for money, the nights of laughter and joy in our home were well worth the advertised price. The element of surprise, discovering new things, increasing our kids’ emotional intelligence in a fun way and bonding with friends while being silly, these were the best parts of this subscription box. 

If you’re interested in ordering, you can get your own here


While we were provided a review copy of Board Game Bento, the opinions belong to myself and my family, much like the laughter that came from this package. 



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