I know I’m supposed to be the one teaching my son everything about life, but there’s so much he teaches me. Even just over the course of the last weekend, I learned so much from him. Not yet jaded by life, he brings a fresh perspective full of optimism that I cannot match.

These were his life lessons this weekend:

1. If you take more than you can handle, figure out how to make it more manageable.
We went to Tickleberry’s which has legendary giant ice cream scoops. I took mine in a waffle cone, but he wisely used a paper cup. He knew it was more than he could handle in a cone and realized this would be less messy. I bow to his forethought. Next time: waffle bowl.

2. Moderation in all things.
We were musing aloud about how amazing it would be to move to the sunny Okanagan. I imagined what my life could be like if we did. I talked excitedly about how I would lay on the beach and go paddleboarding EVERY DAY. My little wise one came over, hugged me and said, “Maybe not every day, mom. All things in moderation.” I smiled at my little killjoy.

3. Don’t forget the small details.
It really is the little things. It was really hot and sunny and my boyfriend and my son got together and doused me in a cloud of sunscreen in hopes of avoiding a burn. They know I’m a delicate flower and mostly didn’t want to hear me complain. Before we got in the car, my son reminded me “DON’T FORGET YOUR ARMPITS!” It was actually a pretty good call because burnt armpits would have been horrible – and yes, my underarms are fine.

4. Dance like no one’s watching.
Liam invented a cool hula style dance. He danced like nobody was watching because he wouldn’t let me tape it and put it up on the blog unless I paid him $100 or joined him in the recording. Needless to say, neither happened and you folks will never know just how funny that dance was because I was very tired. It involved some clapping.

As a mom, I don’t have all the answers, so I’m glad I can look to him for life lessons every once in a while. I’m grateful for his wisdom and that he didn’t charge me to see his little dance like the time he tried to sell me his vacation photos.

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