I wrote this last year for my birthday and I’m sharing it again today. 

I’m 33 today and in preparation for the big day, my son’s dad asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I had already been spoiled with early birthday gifts of Kate Spade, NY, and Wonder Woman fare from my siblings, parents, and boyfriend. I was stumped. I thought about it and decided there were still a few things I wanted.

For Time To Stop Moving So Quickly

It goes so fast. I found myself ordering Grade 4 school supplies and my son was quick to remind me he’s almost in middle school, then high school comes next and then college. I’m all too aware of how quickly his childhood is passing me by. He’s growing up before my eyes.

One More Hug

I always want one more hug. My son gives the best hugs. He calls group hugs “Groupon’s” and he always fights over who gets to be the cheese and who gets to be the bread in our nightly family hug. I love the way he gives “double hugs” when he wraps his arms and legs around you. I am so glad he’s not too cool to hug me yet.

To See Myself The Way He Sees Me

My son says I’m the best mom ever, the best mom he’s ever had and that he’s so proud of me. I wish I believed in me even half as much as he does. I know that will fade in time when hormones teach him his mom doesn’t know anything about anything and he has to discover the world for himself. For now, I’m his hero and he thinks I’m awesome. I want to feel the ‘awesome’ he sees in me.

Another Day To Do Better

I want to be able to be a better mom tomorrow. I want another chance, every day, to do better by my family. I want to improve my mommy skills daily and eventually become the mom I want to be.

Forgiveness For The Past

I hope my family has short memories of my bad days and long memories of my great ones. I hope the occasional shortness of my words vanish from their minds, and the length of my hugs and devotion will remain. I want “I’m sorry” to be legal tender, never diminished by a fluctuation market.

My family is my daily gift from heaven and I’ve never been so blessed as I have been since becoming a mom. If I could have just these few things, my life would be complete. But in the meantime, I guess more Kate Spade, NY, and Wonder Woman gifts would be pretty cool too.

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