You know those quote picture that make you feel good about everything you’re going to accomplish for the day? The ones that tell you everything is going to be alright? You aren’t going to find those here. My blogging bestie Aneta (who happens to be a top Toronto mommy blogger) inspired me with her collection of motivational quotes she actually needs. I decided to do a few of my own that are representative of my real life. 

Whenever I need to find something, I start by looking between my mattress and the wall. It’s basically a black hole. I found hair ties and bobbie pins – but not my dignity. I guess I will keep looking. Amelia Earhart’s plane could be in there. Maybe even Jimmy Hoffa (just kidding, please don’t call the cops.) 

When I started working from home, my son was excited about how I would be responsible for dinner more often. He knows this means more take out and not fancy dinners from well loved cookbooks. 

I don’t excel at waiting, but if you online shop tired, you can forget you ordered anything at all and be surprised when it shows up. Or like when I tried to order a stand mixer when I was too sleepy, be surprised when it doesn’t because you didn’t check out all the way. 

My cleaning hack is to sit where your guests will sit and just clean the things that are within line of sight. This is especially important in the bathroom, because you would be surprised by how many baseboards you can actually see from the toilet. 

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by an “Easy DIY” that was anything but easy to execute. I am a Pinterest fail mom and I’m over it. So is my family. My friend Jill is a Pinterest mom though, and she’s awesome. 


  1. Love this. Between the mattress a d wall over here are bottles, diapers and sometimes our pillows even disappear down there 🙂

  2. Haha! LOVE THESE. Will share. You know we have a whole series of videos called “Slacker Mom.” Great to find a fellow slacker!