I’m not normally one to make resolutions come New Years Day. Inevitably, I lapse from whatever seems important in the post Christmas haze, no later than Valentine’s day. The resolutions that seem more meaningful are the ones that I make at the start of the school year. Since my son is finally settled into the school year, I thought I would examine my resolutions, past and present. 

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Liam’s first year of school I had no resolution at all, mostly because I had no idea what I was up against. I coasted through the year. I did not attend  a single PAC meeting. I went on one field trip where we went fishing and had four little people to watch which made me really glad Liam is an only child because man, was it a lot of work.

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I feel ill-prepared for motherhood in some ways because I am not a Pinterest mommy at all. I managed to throw together some store bought cards with Liam the morning of Valentine’s Day. He came home with an assortment of delicately hand made Valentines accompanied by individually, painstakingly iced sugar cookies. I was crushed.  I felt really untalented and like he might have been embarrassed by my meager efforts. Fortunately, Liam was really proud his Valentines Day cards came with erasers. I really phoned it in that year in a lot of ways (but he was the top fundraiser in his school for jump rope for heart and we participated in Every. Single. Other. Fundraiser).  We skipped one of the parent teacher conferences solely on the basis that his report card didn’t specifically reference any animal sacrifices. It’s kindergarten, what’s the worst that could go wrong? I think we might have blown it.

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Liam’s second year I was determined to do better. I was going to volunteer at the school. I work close enough that it’s really no big deal for me to duck out on my lunch break and distribute hot lunches. It’s a blessing and he is so proud that his mommy helps out. The ladies who organize it are a delight and it’s quick, mostly solitary efforts running around putting food on desks for children who will be excited to have a hot meal. I should be proud of my progress in making an effort, but honestly, he was late more often than not and we were really non-compliant with the home reading program because the books we have at home are more funny and entertaining.

This year’s resolutions are as follows:

1. Get kid to school on time.

2. Do home reading program. Even if it’s boring.

3. Continue hot lunch volunteer gig.

4. Attend at least one field trip and/or PAC meeting.

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I can’t believe he’s entering grade 2. I feel a million years old on one hand and 16 on the other hand, wondering how I’m old enough to have a kid in grade 2 (I am not a grown up! Where did this kid come from? It’s growing too quickly, like an unruly chia pet!). I’m full of hope for the new school year. I hope that he gets to continue working with the great support team at his school. I’m hoping to make some more mommy friends along the way. Mostly, I am excited to start another year where the kids on the playground refer to me as “Liam’s mom”.

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  1. My resolution is to take better care of myself in order to be the best mama to my little babe. Having some me time, especially at the gym would be the start I need.

  2. I don’t make resolutions anymore because I usually don’t follow through. But exercise is always at the top of my list. 🙂