Recently, I was invited to attend Cavalia’s presentation of Odysseo in Vancouver. I didn’t know quite what to expect, but I was completely blown away by the experience. My boyfriend and I had the opportunity to take in the VIP experience, with an open bar and a luxurious buffet. The food was amazing and the atmosphere of the tent was warm and inviting. The staff were friendly and there was lots of comfortable seating. The whole space was engineered to either be able to dine separately with your party or to mix and mingle with other guests. My boyfriend joked his food was so fancy it had its own boutonniere.


We met up with friends from my old neighbourhood I hadn’t seen in five years, as well as a number of my all time favourite local bloggers. We were all in for an amazing show!

After we were well fed, watered and stocked up on popcorn, we were led to our seats. We were quite close to the stage – so close, in fact, that we could smell the horses. It was amazing. It was an incredibly intricate production with so many moving pieces. I was particularly awed by the acrobatics and the aerial displays. As a former pole dancer, I was really impressed by the pole, hoop and silks works integrated into the show. The acrobats could have easily stolen the show – their comedic timing and overall artistry blended with technical expertise was awe-inspiring. The horses were beautiful and moved with practiced grace. I was blown away how everything moved so precisely, clearly timed to the second and tricks and flips planned within inches.

During the intermission, we were treated to an incredible buffet of desserts. It was so delicious. Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs for sure but we had the most decadent delights I’ve had in some time. The desserts weren’t just yummy, they were beautiful (not pictured, because I ate them. Trust me. I wouldn’t lie about cake covered in blueberries.)

We returned for the second half and it was just as impressive as the first half. It was breathtaking. I spent most of the show stuck between “How did they just do that?” and “Did that really just happen?” After the show, we were able to go back stage and meet one of the horses and one of the human performers. The bond between horse and rider was palpable, there was clearly so much mutual respect and love. It was really sweet to see.

After our new friends took their leave, we toured the stables and got to meet more of the horses. Staff were on-hand to answer all of our questions. It was really fun – I hadn’t been in a stable in a long time. When our tour concluded, we loaded up on souvenirs for the kids (aka guilt gifts) – we bought them (and ourselves) t-shirts and got a cd of the music from the production. We had so much fun! I haven’t been that in awe in so long. There are so few opportunities in every day life to lose yourself in a complete wonder and this was one of those opportunities. 

Before the show I wasn’t sure how comfortable I would be, the weather called for 0 degrees and I was worried I was going to freeze. I was delighted to find the tents were warm and well-heated. I didn’t even wear my jacket except to go between the VIP tent and the main stage area. The organizers truly thought of everything and the hospitality was second to none. I’m so thankful we had the opportunity to experience this and we will definitely be back the next time they are in town. 

Do you want to see for yourself? Get select tickets for 15% off with the code SOCIAL right here. The show is on until March 5, 2017. 

While I received tickets to see the show for myself, all opinions and reactions are authentically mine, as always.

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Here are some of our behind the scenes photos for the night: 

Horse and rider backstage after the show
View of the stands from the stage


One of the horses on the stable tour



Sparkly Shoes Backstage!






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