I am a sucker for hospital shows on TV, but I tend to fall over when I’m in one for real. I’m queasy, but I had to overcome that when I became a parent and found myself there more often with a sick kid. While those real life experiences weren’t funny, the humorous exploits of the cast of Scrubs reminded me a lot of my own parenting life

Personal Space Becomes Non-Existent

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Remember when you didn’t have people in your bubble all the time? It was before you had kids. It was pretty magical not having a small child pretending to be cling wrap all the time. That being said, hugs are pretty awesome. It’s hard to complain when you know it’s done with the best of intentions.

Social Etiquette 101

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You spend a lot of time explaining social skills to people who eat cheerios off the floor and who also think kicking things is “non-verbal communication”.

Safety First! 

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Don’t run with scissors! The cat doesn’t want a bath! Being a parent is like being a walking, talking warning label. At a certain point, you have to get creative because otherwise, they start to tune you out.

Theme Days That Don’t Make Any Sense

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I don’t know how many times I’ve had to randomly prepare the night before for some dress up day that I had no idea was happening and involves channeling my inner Pinterest mama. My inner Pinterest mama is a total failure and has incredibly poor judgment. She shouldn’t be allowed to operate a glue gun. Ever. To heck with Bongo Day or whatever.

If You Want Something Done Right…

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Delegating is important—theoretically. It’s also a great way to make sure things are done in a way that makes no sense. Involving your kids with chores is a noble concept, but your mileage may vary on execution.

Making Mom Friends is Hard

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I thought making friends in high school was hard. When I became a mom it felt like I had two left feet socially (that were both covered in spit up). He’s in Grade 4 this fall and it hasn’t really improved.

Good Cop, Bad Cop, Cop Who Has To Drive Carpool and Would Rather Not

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“Go ask your dad” is a bit scary when you are secretly worried he might cave and agree to buying a pony (and your condo strata is firm on only one cat or dog). It’s hard to be on the same page when all you can remember is that Caillou book you’ve read 500 times. Needless to say, communication can get lost somewhere along the way.

Parenting is a lot like Scrubs, but the love of your children is the best medicine around (sneak hugs and all!)  All you can really do is smile and hope you find the pancake in the silverware drawer sooner rather than later.

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