One of the most interesting movies we watched recently on Netflix was The Circle. What I found fascinating about it was how it contributed to a great deal of conversation in our house about our roles as influencers. How do we decide what to share? How do we decide what to keep private? What do we experience that should be “just ours”? What experiences should be shared? We decided as a family to share parts of our lives with our readers, and we enjoy the benefits of doing so, but we seldom take a moment to evaluate the costs. The conversation didn’t stop there.

It also brought up a lot of good conversation about social media use and the extent to which it is integrated into our lives. In some cases, that integration can be helpful. In other cases, it can be downright uncomfortable. There are so many ways the algorithms that suggest friends and interest draw on data we don’t even realize we are putting out there. Sometimes that’s handy, and sometimes it’s creepy. Where do we draw the line and say there is too much intrusion on privacy? What level of privacy are we willing to give up for the sake of convenience?

I think the question of influence, social media and privacy is a larger one, and one that we will continue to assess as we set boundaries on what we share. Overall, we agree the benefits outweigh the drawbacks and we are excited to see where 2018 takes this little blog and the internet as a whole.

Do you think the social media intrudes too much into your daily life? How do you decide what you share and what you keep private? What have you been watching on Netflix lately?

Disclosure: Netflix generously shares perks with our family in exchange for our feedback on their programming, though all opinions are my own.

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