Our home doesn’t run on gender roles. It runs on caffeine, Netflix, hopes and dreams. The truth is, I’m not very domestic. I am pretty good at baking, but housekeeping isn’t really my jam. People who know me well know this about me and love me anyways. I’ve written about the life cycle of a clean house as it relates to our family before. When I clean, I’m like a magpie attracted to dirt. I flit around wiping things until I’m exhausted and my house looks randomly attacked by a hurricane of cleaning products. My boyfriend, however, is a pro. He keeps our house clean and tidy while I run my business and leave a slug trail of debris wherever I go. It works for us (maybe just me, it works for me.)

Recently, we got some Spring Blossom Pine-Sol in the mail. It was PINK and smelled like flowers. It’s like it was meant for me. I LOVE pink. What girl doesn’t love to get flowers? Well, I love my flowers even more in cleaning product form because it means I’m going to have a sparkling clean kitchen and bathroom. It’s even better than flowers because my cat won’t eat the heads off of them and then barf on the rug. Cats are jerks. 

I knew I loved it, but I wasn’t sure if my boyfriend would love it. I mean, I know we don’t put a lot of stock in gender roles, but would he think it was too “girly”? As it turns out, he loved it.  We have decided real men clean pink. My kitchen has never looked and smelled better – and that’s saying something because he’s a really good cook and dinner usually smells fantastic. Now, it smells like jasmine, magnolia and orange blossom (and dinner!) WINNING! Man, do I love this man. Anyways, you can get yours in stores now (your Spring Blossom Pine-Sol, that is.)

Disclosure: Our friends at Pinesol provided promotional consideration for this post, but I wouldn’t lie about how good my kitchen smells. You’re my readers, not my mom. (Sorry mom). 

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  1. Carin Harris

    Love this! You’re so funny. ? Our Paul’s need to meet one day.