You know when you read something that makes so much sense that you’re like ME TOO? That was me, reading Meredith Masony’s book, Scoop the Poop as I laid on the beach on vacation. I couldn’t put this book down, it was so good! It was everything I needed to read, because I’ve been there. I mean not everywhere, I don’t have a child with autism and the following of my writing is much more modest, but I’ve been a mom who wanted MORE. 

Once upon a time, I was working for a living but not living much of a life. I had a dream of doing something else but I felt SO DAMN GUILTY thinking about doing it. I felt selfish for even considering it. I felt like a bad mom for having dreams of my own. But my health was being affected by my unhappiness and our family was secure but not as happy as they could be. I was like a zombie and it wasn’t good for anyone. My family deserved a mom that is alive and vibrant. 

So I took the steps I needed to take but I felt really guilty about it. Reading Meredith’s book helped me reconcile those feelings so much. It’s helped in other ways too. 


It helped me take a longer view and prioritize better. I can’t do everything. I can do somethings. It’s about choosing the hills you’re not going to die on, so to speak.I needed to hear that. 


Reading Scoop the Poop was like having coffee with a friend who “gets” you. Meredith’s super powers are being relatable and being full of compassion for other moms. I love that about her. 


Reading the details of the impetus to Meredith’s story inspired me to get my own “health poop” in a group. I’ve had horrible reflux for fricking ever. You know those celebrities that have dishes of their favourite candy in every room? That’s me, but with Tums. I live on antacids, breathe fire and have to prop myself up so I don’t choke. It’s a bad scene. Meredith convinced me to take care of me and make that appointment. 

If you’re looking for something relatable, funny, warm and motivating to navigate the world as a mom, Scoop the Poop is what you need. You can also find Meredith on her blog, on Facebook and Twitter

Disclosure: Meredith gifted me a copy of her book to read. It was really nice of her to do so, but I wouldn’t tell you it was amazing if it wasn’t. It was amazing. 

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