I love to feel pretty. I am so much more than “pretty” – I am strong, I am smart, and I am funny. But I am still a sucker for a good makeover that helps me feel great about how I look on the outside. I’m secretly kind of a girly girl. I am in my happy place with a fierce pinup red lipstick and glittery eyeshadow. I care about my hair (it’s unicorn coloured and it’s awesome!) And I take time to get my brows professionally shaped because with my tremor I’m likely to lose an eyeball trying to DIY. I want to look pretty because it’s fun. I’m even happier when I’m looking good for a great cause. One cause I really care about is mental health.

Mental Health by the Numbers

Mental health is really important. It’s important for everyone, but unfortunately it is often overlooked and misunderstood. Women particularly are affected – we are two times more likely than men to be diagnosed with depression and anxiety. It never hits at a convenient time (is there ever a good time?) It often hits in the prime of our lives. It happens to a lot of women. It’s the most common complication during childbearing and impacts 1 in 5 women during menopause. That’s too many! We need to make sure everyone going through this has the help that they need.

Part of the Solution

Those statistics are part of the reason SHOPPERS LOVE. YOU. is making women’s mental health a priority. They want all Canadian women to have access to psychological help when they need it, which is why they’re supporting local charities and mental health programs at the Spring Beauty Galas.

What’s SHOPPERS LOVE. YOU. anyways?

It’s Shoppers Drug Mart’s national and local community involvement and corporate giving program. It’s how they fund programs that promote good health, prevent diseases and help women lead stronger, healthier lives.in the places their customers call home.

What do they do?

SHOPPERS LOVE.YOU. connects women to leading health organizations,experts and much-needed resources and information, all while supporting important women’s health initiatives in communities across the country.

Its goal is to Put Women’s Health first and help all women across Canada stay focused on being their best in body, mind and spirit. Basically, they love us and they want us to be happy and feel good. Awwwwwwww. I love you too, Shoppers.

As women we often seem to put ourselves last. Everyone else comes first! Isn’t that the truth? So, SHOPPERS LOVE. YOU. is designed to encourage women everywhere to make their own health a priority. Because, when Canadian women are strong – we’re all stronger. Canada runs on girl power 🙂

Over the past five years, they’ve contributed more than $57 million to help local, regional and national women’s health initiatives. That money has helped hundreds of thousands of women across Canada, one at a time. 

Tell me more about these Galas

Beauty Galas are really fun events that Shoppers Drug Mart holds three times a year. They direct 100 per cent of donations plus $5 from each ticket, to community-based programs in support of women’s health. I think that’s awesome! There’s some more coming up really soon and they benefit this cause I really care a lot about.

When is this happening?

These Galas will be held in stores nationwide, on May 5th, and the ticket proceeds will benefit local women’s mental health programs, who are already partnered with Run for Women (I’m a Run For Women Ambassador!), or others chosen by individual store owners. Some stores will be having their Galas on the evening of the 4th so make sure to check what’s going on, well in advance, at your location.

So what happens at a gala?

All Canadians are invited to join in the fun and receive a beautiful makeover or a personalized skin consultation. Each store puts their own personal spin on the Gala, which often includes raffles, prizes and gifts, so come check out what fun your store has planned!

Wondering where to get tickets?

Tickets can be purchased in-store at the beauty counter for $10, with $5 going to the local women’s mental health charity and the other $5 being redeemable towards a cosmetic purchase on the day of the gala.

Join us!

Let’s go get pretty for a good cause! To show yourself some much-needed love, while providing a positive impact on the lives of other women in your community, sign up for a Beauty Gala at your local Shoppers Drug mart! Which Gala will you attend?

Here are some photos from past gala events so you can see what’s in store:


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by my friends at Shoppers Drug Mart. That said, I’ve attended these events in the past myself and found them to be a lot of fun. I wouldn’t steer you wrong, especially when cosmetics and mental health are involved.


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