I have never slept well. It seems ridiculous to not excel at just laying there but here we are. The reality of my joint hyper mobility is that I have musculoskeletal pain that impacts my ability to sleep. I started on some pain management that addressed that underlying buzz of discomfort and I found I was able to sleep. It was amazing. This is what changed:

More Movement

More rest inspired me to move my body more. It felt more achievable. I was less “ugh!” and more “okay!” about moving around which helped me feel better and less sloth-like.

Better Mood

With better emotional resources to deal with stress, I felt happier. My family reports I became “nicer” (WHATEVER THAT MEANS). More movement = more natural endorphins. When you’re not exhausted, you have more perspective that maybe something isn’t really THE END OF THE WORLD. More sleep made for a happier me.

Better Nutrition

When I was tired all the time, I was stress eating. I was boredom eating. I couldn’t tell when I was full. I just ate and ate and ate and ate. The pain – tired- eating- weight gain – joint stress from extra weight- pain loop felt inescapable. I’m not eating emotionally as much anymore. My appetite has decreased, or I can actually tell what’s my appetite and what’s my exhaustion.

More Water

More movement, better nutrition has me looking at other choices that make a difference. Let’s drink some more water! Hydration is amazing! You become a whole new person. More grape, less raisin in your soul. Kidding, but really, water is MAGICAL.

Even Better Pain Management

Rest is medicine. It helps your body recover. For people like me who create little micro tear thingies in tissue around joints when things pop out, that stuff has to heal sometime. My body has a better chance of healing from the ridiculousness of hypermobility if I let it chill out for a while and just do it’s thing. Sleep is key to that.

I didn’t think sleep would make that much of a difference so I was pretty blown away. I don’t remember a time I ever slept well so I didn’t expect this. I kept trying to address it with a bedtime routine etc but what was really key was the pain reduction. That made everything else feel manageable, like being tired and awake on a regular schedule. Habits like sleep can make a huge difference. My friends over at Balance365 Life have a great podcast that talks all about it which I highly recommend.

Has getting better sleep helped you “do life” better? Tell me about your experience.

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