Sparkly Guest Posts and Mentions

It has been an absolutely massive week for guest posts this week. I am so thankful for everyone who has believed in my work enough to share it! To catch you up, this is what all happened:

Tuesday –

Men at Work on the Pole: Building Community – Good Men Project

It seems unlikely that Joel Lessing, a nursing home inspector from Chicago and Michael Vesely, a Canadian male model-turned-massage therapist would have much of anything in common. Their lives are very different. Michael is a bachelor who is a proficient welder and dotes on his dog and the new lady in his life. Joel is married to a lady who likes to hula hoop and take pastry classes. As it turns out, they share a love of an unlikely past time: pole dance. 

Wednesday –

Birthday Party Fail – Birthday Party Parade

We all want birthday parties to be special and memorable, but for all the right reasons. Sometimes, things happen during the planning process or at the party that we hope will be forgotten. We believe those things make for great stories!!

The Foundation Garment of Feminism – The Laughing Lesbian

I have given a lot of thought to what women’s empowerment means to me. It’s been repeated so many times it scarcely has meaning. It reminds me of the Princess Bride quote, “You keep using that word, I don’t think it means what you think it means.” How do you define something so abstract? I decided to use a metaphor to bridge the gap in understanding what true women’s empowerment really is. After some careful consideration, I’ve decided women’s empowerment is a sports bra.

Friday –

Contents Under Pressure – Blunt Moms

Cognitive dissonance is intimidating. It’s that icky feeling when we encounter an opinion that doesn’t fit our world view.  Someone doesn’t agree and it’s stressful. Sometimes that stress can create a troll, much like heat and pressure forms a diamond. Trolls are worthless gemstones.

Diamond Minx Dishes on Neo-Burlesque and Body Diversity – Huffington Post Canada

I chatted with Diamond Minx, a metro Vancouver burlesque performer. She gave me a history lesson and answered burning questions about the fine art of burlesque. 

She told me all about the Neo-burlesque community, a movement to bring back the art of burlesque. Burlesque goes back to 1800s, though what most people think of as “Burlesque” is usually the elegant striptease of the 40s and 50s. The word burlesque comes from the Italian term for “mockery” and often includes political and social satire and humor.

Saturday –

Why I Pole Dance – Dr. Psych Mom

Keep your feet on the ground. Be practical. This is advice I get all the time. My imagination, enriched by early literary pursuits, left me hungering for more from life. I am urged by circumstance and responsibility to get my head out of the clouds and be a grown up.

Yes to a Retro Inspired Wedding Dress – Cherry Velvet Plus

I have always wanted to dress up in a beautiful, retro inspired wedding dress. Lots of girls dream about their wedding day, and for many, it’s all about the dress (and saying yes!). I love pinup fashion and integrate it into my everyday life, so it would only be natural for it to be featured front and centre on the very biggest day of my life; an honoured guest on a glamorous, special occasion.


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