I got to go to ROAM Winter Expo this weekend and it was a lot of fun. A lot of people who know me would say, “but Allie, you HATE snow! Why go to a winter expo?” I had my reasons and I’m glad I went. These were the highlights of the show for me:

The Craft Beer Tent. I’m not really a beer drinker. I tried a Filthy Dirty IPA and it tasted pretty yummy, like grapefruit. There was a polka band. Normally I get most of my polka in dot format but this was pretty enjoyable. When they stopped playing, we were in a position to dance aca-polka (*groan* I know, but I really love Pitch Perfect and there are so few opportunities to make acapella jokes.) I got to hang out with the band and they were gracious enough to be photographed with me. There’s a whole bunch of beers to try that I didn’t get to because I can only drink so much beer. If you try them out, let me know which was your favourite.

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Fitness. There are all sorts of free fitness classes scheduled (yoga, kettlebells, etc). I got to hang out at the GoodLife Fitness booth and meet their marketing manager and I negotiated some really cool swag. I blog for them because I think they are freaking fantastic. They support body positive, accessible fitness that promotes moderation and common sense. It doesn’t get anymore on brand with my personal philosophy than that!

IMG_7456 IMG_7453

Travel. I’ve been trying to plan an unplugged weekend for my family and I got all sorts of ideas of unique destinations from not far from home to nowhere near home. I now REALLY want to SUP where the seals play, hole up in a mountain lodge and drink cocoa and go overseas to explore ancient ruins. On the way to the expo, my boyfriend asked how I felt about climbing mountains. I asked if we were talking metaphorical mountains or no? He meant real ones and we found all sorts of options with a lot of detailed information and incredibly tantalizing travel images.


Snow sports. Once upon a time I went for a long walk in snowshoes and it ended in chocolate fondu. This was my introduction to snow sports and it was LOVELY. I have hot pink snow pants that need to see daylight again. I found lots of information on how to make that happen. If I didn’t have hot pink snow pants, there were a bajillion pairs in other equally awesome colours. Also pink skis! Cha-ching! I’m like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde (“Man that woman wears a lot of pink”)

Hammocks. There was a company selling hammocks. I felt this required it’s own category. I mean, how awesome is that? I need a hammock. People are like “you should put your feet up every once and a while” and after going to ROAM, I realize I don’t because I don’t yet have the appropriate furniture to do so. If you don’t have a hammock in your life, ROAM expo might be for you. The role of “person who feeds me grapes while I hang out in a hammock” has not yet been cast.

There’s still time to check out ROAM Winter Expo for yourself tomorrow (October 18), find a hammock, have a beer, and plan your next adventure. Most of all, reintegrate polka into your life, not just in dot format. After all, when in ROAM….


The nice folks at ROAM invited me to take in the festivities as their guest, however all of the ridiculous humour is my own. They cannot be held responsible for my lame punchlines. 

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