It has been an amazing year! Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing. Thanks to you, these were the top posts for 2015 based on number of hits.

1. How To Celebrate Christmas With A Plain Red Cup

This post addressed the red cup controversy at Starbucks. It had over 5,000 hits and was easily my biggest post ever. This post was later syndicated to Mamapedia.

2. ICYMI: All The Ways Parenting Is Just Like Princess Bride

I love Princess Bride and I LOVE being a mom. I did this piece for, which is my parenting column home every Wednesday.

3. 9 Ways Sweatpants Can Lead To Divorce

Eva Mendes made a comment about how marriages are threatened by wives who slum around in sweatpants.  I wrote about it because I agree sort of but not the way she meant.

4. What a Migraine Really Feels Like

I have been a migraine sufferer for years and it’s terrible. People have asked me how it feels and I wrote this as my answer.

5. You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth

Plagiarism is a real thing we deal with in the blogging world. I’m not talking about posts that are really similar, I’m talking about direct cut and paste with someone else claiming the by-line. It irritates the heck out of me, and I wrote about it.

6. How To Deweaponize A Scale Using Mainly Rhinestones

I have had a love-hate relationship with the scale for some time. One day, I disabled my scale and used it for a craft project. These are my cheeky instructions on how to turn your scale into wall art. This post was later syndicated to Huffington Post and Mamapedia.

7. Fearless Female Friday: Glori Meldrum

I really admire Glori Meldrum. She’s an entrepreneur who started a residential treatment centre for childhood sexual abuse survivors. She let me interview her so I could learn more about her projects and what life as an entrepreneur is really like. She’s the one who first got me started about entrepreneurship and I’m so thankful. This post was later syndicated to Huffington Post.

8. Fearless Female Friday: Laura Dyan Kezman

Laura Dyan Kezman is a filmmaker who is making a documentary about eating disorder recovery. She is really inspirational and tenacious and I loved doing what I could to support her project. This post was later syndicated to Huffington Post.

9. Double D Disaster: A Bra Shopping Tale of Woe

While this post was originally published in 2014, it had the ninth highest number of hits this year. Buying a bra can be challenging when you are shaped like me, and I decided to share that “joy.”

10. Fearless Female Friday: Michelle Burmaster

I know Michelle through a support group she moderates and she’s always been a positive role model for me. Her attitude towards health and fitness has been really helpful in shaping a more normal relationship with exercise and food in my life and I’m so thankful to count her as one of my friends. This post was later syndicated to Huffington Post.

I’m looking forward to bringing you new, fresh content in 2016 and I’m glad you’re along for the ride.

Which was your favourite post in 2015?


  1. How did I miss the Princess Bride post? Can’t wait to cuddle up and dive into these!

  2. I can totally relate to your experience when I get a migraine attack. I feel lucky that I live alone and can just shut myself out in total darkness during those time. But I also feel terrified that that the pain might get a lot worse than it already is and I’m all alone.