I decided to take a little time off over the Christmas holidays. It turns out I’m pretty terrible at taking vacation, but I did watch some pretty awesome Netflix while I worked. These have been some of my favourites: 

Halt and Catch Fire

I loved this story of two female entrepreneurs in technology. Watching their adventures was invigorating. My boyfriend loves all things tech so he loved watching this with me. This was a fun look back at the genesis of the conveniences we have come to rely on, with two plucky female leads. Girl power, level up. 

The Crown

I have to be honest, when my boyfriend first turned this on I thought I would be bored out of my tree but I quickly got sucked in. Now I’m counting the days until the next season. I have never been a huge Royal enthusiast, but this was really riveting storytelling and made subject matter that never really appealed to me fascinating. 


This was the most unlikely, but still entertaining Christmas movies ever. This is one to watch after the kid’s have gone to bed. It has some adult subject matter, but I really found it oddly entertaining. While it hasn’t been well loved by critics, I still thought it was a worthwhile watch and it had me laughing. The ending is really heartwarming. 

Our Brand Is Crisis

I love political movies and I love Sandra Bullock. I’m the nerd that stays up late on election night refreshing the news sites to see who is winning and what’s going to happen next. Elections are my award show season. I found this really interesting because it takes place in Bolivia, which is somewhere I don’t know very much about. This was our New Years Eve pick and I definitely liked it. 

How did you spend your winter vacation? What was your favourite Netflix offering?

Disclosure: Netflix shares special perks with my family in exchange for me sharing with you about our favourite shows. All opinions are mine.  

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