The day the doctor changed my life didn’t seem any different than any other day. It was almost nine years ago. I was at the  office on an unrelated matter (prescription refills, something so administrative I can’t quite recall.) I noted I had been feeling unwell generally and the doctor suggested I take a pregnancy test and come back again in two weeks to take another one. I went into the bathroom and complied with his suggestion. I handed off the sample to the receptionist and gathered my things.

She came back into the room and said, “The doctor will be with you shortly.”

“No, no,” I clarified, “I’m to come back in two weeks and test again. He didn’t need to see me again today.”

She beamed coquettishly.

“That’s because he thought it would be negative!” she blurted, laughter behind her kind eyes.

The Day The Dr Changed My Life (and my grocery list)

I was, in a word, SHOCKED. This was entirely unexpected. My thoughts started to race as quickly as the blood rushed from my face. Everything changed in a moment. Like my grocery list, for starters.


Other than being slightly nauseated and overwhelmingly elated, I began to feel very responsible all of a sudden. It wasn’t just me anymore (not even in my own body). I felt super scared and incredibly unqualified.  I watched my mom raise us, but I had no idea what being a mom involved in a practical sense.

How would I make sure my kid has all that he or she needs?

How would I even know what my kid needs?

How would I know I was doing everything I could possibly do to make sure we were ready?

From a financial perspective, I’ve made sure my family is covered with life insurance, critical illness insurance and education savings plans by consulting with experts so that I can #BeCovered. Life gets so busy, even though you know you need to take care of this stuff, it can be hard to find the time. And like folding endless seas of itty bitty clothing, it can be intimidating and feel like it might take forever.

My friends at Manulife have this great application process for people like me, busy moms with too much to do and not enough time. You can check out the easy-peasy Cover Me application here. It’s so easy you can finish it in the amount of time it takes to order a coffee or heat up a bottle.


That moment sitting in the doctor’s office changed my life (and my grocery list.) We all have moments like this: those moments when we realize we are responsible for someone else and need to be ready. Manulife is hosting a Twitter chat to talk about those life changing moments. I hope you join us to share your own moments and give the easy application process (Cover Me) a try for yourself.

BeCovered Twitter Chat 2- Nov 25 2015

This post is sponsored by 360ACCESS on behalf of Manulife. The opinions are my own. 


  1. Can we talk for a second about how badly we needed insurance too? So glad you are on track!

  2. <3
    I was in shock and awe finding out I was pregnant with both of my kids, and, like you, was at the dr for totally mundane, unrelated stuff lol. Amazing how everything shifts and refocuses in an instant.
    My hubby has great insurance through his work, but I never really thought about getting something for myself. Twitter party sounds like a great time to ask questions

  3. I think I’m still in shock everyday that I’m suddenly responsible for someone else, and that someone isnt going to knock on the door and collect her one day. I loved your story! 🙂

  4. Budgeting for a growing family is so important but can be tough. Like so many things it’s worth it to be as prepared as possible. Great post. 🙂