It’s been a big writing year! These are some of the posts I wrote this year that got the most traffic:

Your Costume Is Not A Compliment addressed the culturally appropriative costumes at Hallowe’en. As a First Nations woman, this is a topic I feel strongly about. While not everyone agreed with my perspective, I feel like there were some good conversations that took place.

How To Save Money on Your Electricity Bill was an exploration of ways to save money and conserve energy. Our partnership with BC Hydro was educational and a family project that we had a lot of fun with.

Your Fridge Could Be Smarter had us wistfully admiring smart fridges and how cool they are. I still wish we had one, but I hope whoever wins one enjoys it.

Celebrating Generation WE: WE Day Vancouver was an account of a big day trip we took into town to experience an entertaining day discussing ways to give back. A good time was had by all!

Some Things Are Better Wetter was a sponsored post about intimacy and comfort that many found informative but lots also found entertaining. So much awkward love went into this piece.

Fearless Female Friday: Tammy Dupuis was a profile of a local businesswoman I simply adore. She is so kind and gracious and I was pleased to see how many people enjoyed reading about her and work at Sugar’d.

An Ode to the Mom Nod was a celebration of the sisterhood of motherhood and all that is embodied with knowing glances between strangers who understand the struggle is real.

How Self-Paced Learning Made Me An Entrepreneur discussed an alternative approach to education and how it influenced my career path. I’m so thankful for everything I learned at Thomas Haney Secondary School.

Short Girl Problems and Self-Care was a lighthearted description of the challenges that come from being “high density awesome” and how important it is to take care of yourself by having clothes that fit. Tailoring is key!

Finally, Please Don’t Forget Me: Dementia discussed the sadness and emotion that comes from watching a loved one slip away into the fog of their own mind.

Thanks so much for reading and sharing in my adventures! I’m looking forward to writing more for you next year! Happy New Year.

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