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Recently a small decision caused a lot of grief, locking us out of our apartment. Keys and the lack thereof were important to that story. We moved into a new place recently, after an epic move beyond any of our wildest nightmares, logistically speaking. I didn’t expect anything but our address would really change. I was totally wrong and the keys to our new place ended up being really important to our love story

I don’t know what happened as we shuffled the boxes down the hallways to our new place, but everything is different now. I don’t know if it’s the open concept layout finally giving us room to breathe or if the natural light streaming in from the living room window has helped us see each other better. Either way, things have moved in a really good way.

It feels like home here, in a way the old place never really did. The last place we lived was intended to be temporary and even though my son and I were there for 2.5 years, it always felt like an in-between stop-gap. It was “my place” and when my boyfriend moved in, I didn’t think that part made a difference. I didn’t realize the difference it made until until we finally got “our place.”

“You feel like home to me” 

It’s not just the condo that feels like home. We feel like home to each other. I am so blissfully happy. I don’t take enough time to write about the things that are going well and I don’t want to jinx it, but it feels like we turned a corner. Things weren’t bad before at all, they just feel better now.

Maybe the change of scenery finally helped me see the beauty right in front of me, the beauty in his eyes and his laughter. There’s an ease in our interactions that wasn’t there before. I’m not someone who sleeps easily, but I finally feel completely at rest in his embrace. Our new room feels like a sanctuary, and even though it’s smaller, it feels just right. That slight shift in geography shifted things for us in a big way and I’m so thankful.

I didn’t think turning a key in the lock of our new door would turn my heart so significantly. I’m even more excited to hear his keys jingle in the door and feel blessed that it’s opening opened my eyes as well. 

I never imagined the keys to our new place would be the key to everything changing, but they were and I feel so blessed.