Hallowe’en is a spooky time of year. Scary movies, creepy costumes, blood, gore and the undead reign supreme. It’s a whole holiday devoted to the fun side of fear. Before I started my fitness journey at GoodLife Fitness, it was like that year round. I was afraid to become physically active for a lot of reasons.

I was apprehensive of being judged by other people at the gym. How ridiculous would I look in workout wear stretched over my ample belly? Would people laugh at me? Would I be taken seriously? I was so nervous. I’m so shy and awkward and a new environment full of strangers and new equipment was really intimidating.

I doubted my own abilities. I was afraid of failing and embarrassing myself. I was scared of letting myself down. It seemed easier just to not try. Could I make it through a whole spin class? Could I really lift that much? It doesn’t seem like much to other people, but it’s a lot to me. I was concerned about other people a lot.

I worried about how it might change my relationships. Would my son feel abandoned? Would people think I’m a bad mom for not spending every available minute with my kid? Am I going to look vain and selfish for spending all this time at the gym instead of solving world hunger or keeping my house company ready at all times? I was afraid of so many things.

Mostly, I was scared of change. My life was comfortable, even if it wasn’t what I hoped it would be. Muscle soreness, sticking to a schedule, watching what I eat are all big disruptions. Was I ready to change my life? Was I ready to let go and find out who I could be? There was so much uncertainty.

In the end, my fears were unfounded. I unmasked them and realized that none of it was real. People didn’t judge me. I finished those spin classes. Nobody thought I was a bad mom – in fact, I became a better mom. Change is scary, but it’s a good thing.

The truth is, change can be just as fun as Hallowe’en if you just let go and enjoy the ride. Unlike trick-or-treating, when you belong to an awesome gym, you don’t have to go far to find what you are seeking and you don’t have to wear a silly costume either.

“This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own”

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