We are a lacrosse family. My son plays field and box lacrosse. We hook up the laptop to watch the Twitter game of the week on TV. We watch for social updates. We cheer our team on. It wasn’t always that way. My cousin plays professional lacrosse in Toronto  and when he came and played our local team, the Vancouver Stealth, we were hooked. My son got to see his cousin play and he got really excited about the game. Before long he asked us to sign him up with the local lacrosse association and started bugging us to take him to every Stealth game.  I can’t say that I blame him, it’s a ton of fun.  We go as a family, me, my boyfriend, Liam, Liam’s dad and his stepmom. It’s one of the many ways we enjoy co-parenting together and let him see all of his parents having fun together doing something we all enjoy. This is why we love to go and watch the Vancouver Stealth:

  1. Superior fan experience. This team is really committed to its fans. The players take the time to sign autographs after the games. They hold game day skill sessions for the kids. They are very interactive. We LOVE Mikey C, the host of the games and Liam really wanted to shadow him one day. We asked and as part of their Fan Experience Night, they actually said yes. We couldn’t believe it. Liam was over the moon and had such a blast. Mikey and the Langley Events Centre staff were so good with him, he had a night he will never forget. We were also once lucky enough to win a pre-game promotion and my boyfriend got the most amazing Blundstone boots, we got tickets to a game (club seats!) and tickets to the rodeo. DATE NIGHT. There are always fun in-game promotions (Liam’s favourite is the t-shirt cannon) and they really do their best to entertain. It’s a very thoughtfully curated fan focussed experience and it’s hard not to love a team that loves its community so much.
  2. Great Venue. The nice thing about Langley Events Centre is that there isn’t a bad seat in the house. We usually sit on the ends, but we tried lower sides last time and we loved the Club seats the night we won tickets. In the club seats, in-seat ordering and handy cup holders made the experience really enjoyable. The parking is free, which is handy, and it’s pretty plentiful. They often have staff directing traffic to make entry and exit easier. There’s also a lot of great food options.
  3. Great value. We usually get the Boston Pizza Fan Packs where we get 4 tickets and a voucher from Boston Pizza for a pizza, appetizer and four soft drinks for just $99. It’s a pretty inexpensive way to experience professional sports! They have flex packs of tickets and next year we will be getting season tickets.  We only missed one game this season because we already had tickets to a musical so we definitely plan to get the whole season next year. They have some seriously good perks.
  4. Great effort. While we may not always be successful, the Vancouver Stealth leave it all on the floor. They put forth their very best and always push through to the end. We are so proud of their spirit and determination and encourage Liam to work just as hard when he’s playing his own games. Their dance team, The Bombshells, also work their butts off out there and they are really nice. They are really sweet about greeting people and friendly and just genuinely really great ambassadors of the sport, the team and the venue.
  5. Big Heart. The last game we attended saw $13,475 raised for the Humboldt Broncos as well as a touching tribute. Their ticket drive helps my son’s lacrosse association buy much needed equipment and provides funding for professional development for our coaching staff. They also have a youth travel grant program that they fund with 50-50 sales. The Vancouver Stealth give back to the community as much as they give forth effort on the floor.

Anyways, if you haven’t checked out the Vancouver Stealth yet, I strongly suggest you do. It’s a ton of fun, it’s Canada’s official game, and it’s a great time for the whole family. COME JOIN US. It is so fun. Seriously. You gotta.

Here are some of our photos from this past season:

Look what Santa brought – a Stealth jersey for his home team and a hat for his cousin’s team
Family fun!!
The crowd at Fan Experience Night
Liam, Mikey C and Bomber, BEST DAY EVER
Mikey C and Liam


Biggest Stealth Fan 🙂
Wearing his team colours with pride!

This post is all about the fan love and comes straight from our family’s heart to share with you an experience we treasure.



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  1. This looks like so much fun! My Dad goes on and on about Lacrosse and the team in Saskatchewan! I’ll have to take him the next time he comes out this way!