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Miss Universe 2015 is going down in history as the most awkward beauty pageants in history. That’s saying a lot considering the preparations beauty queens go through which must be at best uncomfortable. Steve Harvey crowned the wrong winner and feelings were hurt. Awkwardness ensued.

Then he tweeted an unfortunately misspelled apology, which drew ridicule from folks who knew that Philippians and Columbia are a bible chapter and a university and not countries represented in the Glamorous Pageant Crowning of Awkward that had just transpired. It was really an unfortunate turn of events, but really, I think it’s understandable.

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After all, we crown the wrong things all the time. We attach a lot of value to things that we think will make us happy. The perfect job, the spouse of our dreams, that fancy apartment, that top of the line car. These are status symbols of success that we strive for that ultimately can’t satisfy us deep down. So we look for the next thing. There’s a fine line between destination addiction and ambition. We strive for things and ultimately, wherever we end up, there we are.

We think that when we have that thing, we will be satisfied but the dissatisfaction is with ourselves and not our circumstances. Changing circumstances won’t fix the things that are broken inside. We crown these things and elevate them above all others, and then ultimately realize we made a mistake and crown the real winner. Thankfully there’s nobody to make fun of us on Twitter when that happens and we can weather our disillusionment privately.


As for the unfortunate tweet, autocorrect has made me look like an idiot more than once. See above, a romantic text message gone horribly wrong. Beyond that example, iPhone overestimates how frequently I duck and it took me a really long time to teach it my kid’s name is Liam, not Loan. My sister’s autocorrect used to change “hurry” to “guppy” and “clients” to “aliens”, which resulted in text messages that read “Guppy, I have an alien!” Ummm, ok, sis. So I get it, Steve, I get how the Philippines and Colombia became Philippians and Columbia.

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Autocorrect and awkward moments happen to the best of us. Whether you are a pageant host, Miss Universe or Miss Rhode Island, embarrassing moments happen, and it’s the way you dust yourself off and where you go from there that define who you are.





  1. This was hilarious! I love that autocorrect can’t get your son’s name right. As for the Miss Universe fiasco, I can’t even watch it through parted fingers…I just can’t.