I know what you’re thinking. It’s too early for snow! I agree. It’s only September. That being said, it’s not too early to build your self care snowball. Making big lifestyle changes can be hard. I’ve found making one change can be a great catalyst for other new things. Lots of people think self care is all about the spa (and it can be!) but it isn’t always. It’s about doing things that make your soul feel good. Here are some ideas to get you started, at a bunch of different budgets from free to decadent. Pick something to try and see where it leads you:

Read more. Pick up a book from the library and escape to another world or figure out how to make yours better. This summer  I read the Year of Yes and Scoop the Poop: Pick Your Battles

Make a doctor’s appointment. I have been procrastinating on getting refills for my migraine meds and getting my reflux checked out. My hands and feet are also super swollen in the summer. I’m falling apart. I’m making my appointment when the doctor is back in tomorrow. While you’re at it, book yourself some quality time with the optometrist and the dentist. I know, it’s not glamorous, but your body deserves to work properly.

Wash your face! My friend Lesley got me hooked on Rodan & Fields UNBLEMISH. They have a cool solutions finder on their website to figure out what you need.

Get clothes that fit. I went shopping with the ladies from the Joy of Style and found some great work and casual wear. I’ve also recently checked out Lole to get workout gear that fits just right. Clothing that fits makes such a difference.

Get a proper bra fitting. Seriously, the girls deserve support. Locally, I love Forever Yours Lingerie. A great foundation makes your clothes look even better.

Take a bath. I am super obsessed with bath bombs (love LUSH!) and also epsom salts. Bath time is my favourite because I’m not connected to any devices and my boyfriend sits and talks with me and it’s very chill.

Set a bedtime. Your body needs sleep. Set a bedtime and stick to it. Establish a relaxing bedtime routine to get you in the mood for sleep. I find the Calm app really helps me relax before bed. My son and I use it together.

Revisit your hobbies. Remember the fun stuff you used to do pre-kids or before you got busy? Try doing that stuff again. We are currently all about knitting– my nana started teaching Liam while we were on vacation. I find knitting really relaxing and I’m working on a cool scarf for Christmas.

Get moving. My friend and client Lindsay Gee has me on a new fitness routine. I definitely need to move more. I always feel better when I do.

Drink more water. Grab a water bottle and get your fluid intake up. We got a Soda Stream and add mint and berries to make it more enjoyable instead of drinking col (my first love.) Cheers to self care!

Meal plan. Plan out what you’re going to eat for the week so you have less stress trying to stay organized. We use a whiteboard on our fridge but we have also found our Cozi App has some meal planning functions too. Self care can be delicious!

Pick your battles.  I have cool sticky notes to plan out my priorities for the day. They help keep me focussed on what REALLY matters. My desk surface is also a whiteboard and I have a cool Kate Spade agenda.

Dance it out. Turn on some tunes and dance. It’s so freeing. Dance like nobody’s watching. Your kids are probably sucked into Youtube anyways.

Do something that makes you feel pretty. I get my eyebrows done at Sugar’d and we just got a home sugaring kit from them to try out. I am always so self conscious of my arms, so I’m looking forward  to addressing that. When I can afford to splurge, I go for a mani pedi. I also recently found a hairdresser that I LOVE who makes me feel like a million bucks.

Do something fun! We had a blast at Impromptu Rock Choir recently and that’s going to be part of our fall routine for sure. Doing something that makes my heart happy needs to be a priority.

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  1. I need to work on all of these, especially sleep. I know your post wasn’t meant to be another list of things that Lizzie is failing at, but it is and now I’m having an anxiety attack and I need a fluffy pillow and a glass of water.

    • alliespins

      Lizzie, you are amazing. You are not failing!

  2. Love how simple but important this list is! I’ll definitely be working on snowballing my self care. Thanks for the tips!

    P.s LOVE your idea of “snowballing” all of these so it’s not too overwhelming!